Thursday, 15 December 2011

♥ Really Random Post

Technically, I'm supposed to study. But well, here I'm blogging away.
I guess I have been breaking countless of family rules and regulations set by my dad and mum :<
Sigh :/ I feel like such a bad girl BUT, the past few days were the best days in my 17 year old life.

I have been going out to play after every exam instead of staying at home and mugging like the little nerd I'm.
I had my POA paper on Saturday and after that, headed to Bugis to walk around and watch movie with Mr.K and his' friends, Justin and Cheryl (Super cute couple :D ). By the time the movie ended, it was already 12 midnight? So I cabbed home and only reach home at like 1am :/
I broke my curfew (10pm) . Big Sigh. But it was fun while it lasted and I really needed a breather from all the crazy shit in my life. 

Mr.K likes to lean on my shoulder whenever he takes a picture with me..
Haha I'm always smitten by his smile and later you will know why :D

Then a few days later we headed to AMK to get KOI~
My fav is the ice cream milk tea. I seriously think they are ingenious in inventing such dope!
Speaking of which, I might do a round-the-Singapore best bubble tea shop~

Went with Mr.K to watch him play basketball with his friends, Ignatius, Chen Tian, Ming Wei and I forgot the last guy name :x Paisei.
I have to say that Mr.K hangs out with tons of friends that are so outgoing that you almost feel like a family with them.
Just yesterday night, I was slacking with him, ignatius and chen tian at some random part of AMK. 
Ignatius decided to start dancing at the void deck and it soon turned out to be Karaoke night :/
Haha~ And we got screened by the police (OMG. MY FIRST SCREENING! O.O)
okay :/ I know sounds like a bad girl but its my first screening. 
Actually thought I would be shivering in fear but yea :/
The police were friendly.

Mr. K and I decided to head to the pasar malam at his house after that. 
We gotten ramly burger (I swear its seriously super nice), tea egg (Not the best), cheese sausage, okonomiyaki and takoyaki for supper.
No pictures of all the food and pasar malam cause we were too hungry. 
Hiak Hiak! 
Took the train back to Batok and spam pictures with Mr. K.

Heh. My fringe is getting superbly irritating :/
Big sigh :/
Oh yea, Mr.K bleached his hair and it turned out superbly orange and golden like the monkey in the Golden compass.


And then we decided to do silly faces. Which seriously, I think I will just scare away all my readers.
But who cares :D

Aren't we adorable? ♥
Heh :D

I just love his crooked smile and teeth :D
Kawaii ne~

Sigh :/
I think I gain a lot of weight cause Mr. k loves ordering McDelivery and forcing me to eat a lot :/
*Pinch fats and chubby cheeks*

And I bet most of my readers forgotten my face already :<
Here's a little video for you guys.

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Really random photo but I took a picture of someone shoes and clothes.

Amanda Misaki Sea

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