Tuesday, 20 December 2011

♥ Review: Happy Kitchen Cupcakes!

Happy with the title?
I'm back with another Poppin cookin review! This time round, with Happy Kitchen Cupcakes! :D

All decked out in pink~ 
The packaging is flawlessly cute and tempting. If I were to see this on the shelves of supermarket, I would buy them right away. No qualms at all.
Actually, I was quite reluctant to make them as they sounded way more fun (and more tedious) than the other poppin cookin I have reviewed thus far.

Like the Happy Kitchen Donuts, it comes with a mini menu that shows the most precious little cupcakes that you can make from this package. \(^~^)/
*does excited wiggle*
This set comes with a tea party theme placed mat. 
So appropriate for the mini cupcakes I will be making! :D

A quick view of what's inside!
Two giant packet of flour- Chocolate flavour and Vanilla flavour
Two small packets of icing powder- Strawberry (Ichigo) flavour and cream flavour
Two decoration candy- Sprinkles and flavoured mini candies
Two bags for the icing, a spoon for mixing and a tray to mix the "batter" which comes with a mould for the cupcakes.

Look at the mould! :D
Four leaf clover, heart shape and circle shaped mini cupcakes!
And did you notice the cute strawberry, rabbit, hearts and carrot prints?

Started with the vanilla flavoured cupcakes!

With a small amount of water, the powder/ flour turned into batter that smell like vanilla flavoured cupcakes! 

Poured them into the batter!
Kawaii ja ne?

Then pop them into the microwave.
Ok, so apparently, all the tutorials that I watched on YouTube mentioned that the cupcakes should be baked in those oven with the rotating round dish :/
(Sudden slip of mind made me forget what those ovens are called so I shall aptly name them Ovens!)

And, I think they were right, because the microwave disfigured my mould :<

I didn't want to be disheartened so I set about preparing my chocolate flavoured cupcakes~

They smell super good! With a really chocolately smell.
And since my mould has been disfigured by the cruel microwave.
I salvaged the situation by placing the batter into a metal mould used for my mum's egg tarts.

And into the microwave they go!~
And while waiting for the chocolate cupcakes to be ready, I prepared the vanilla and strawberry icing~

And place them into my little icing bag. 
After my chocolate cupcakes were ready, I arranged all the petite cupcakes and a HUGE chocolate cupcake onto a plate. 
Here's how they look before decorations~

Pretty much hideous cupcakes because the microwave ruined my mould... 
Which ruined my vanilla cupcakes except the heart shaped ones :D

And this is how they look like after being zhng by yours truly!
I love the heart shapes and the giant chocolate cupcake!
So cuteeee right?

Review on taste: The Vanilla cupcake didn't really tasted like vanilla. They smelt like vanilla but tasted like egg? The cream icing was alright but I preferred the strawberry ones! So I actually spammed the strawberry icing on the other mini "failed" cupcakes. The chocolate cupcakes are awesome! They are so delicious I wish I could have more of them! *laughs* Overall, this package is a success. Because, it tastes like cupcakes and it is superbly fun to make. Even if I encountered some obstacles while making them!
Heat is required so I recommend you invest in an Oven! :D

A side taste review on the decoration candies: The sprinkles tasted like how normal chocolate and candy sprinkle tasted. These round ball decoration candies are.... more peculiar.
Each different coloured ball candy are a different flavour. The yellow ones are banana flavoured, pinks are peach flavoured and the brown ones are chocolate.
However! If you eat the three flavours together, they taste like coffee!
 \( // ^ \\ )/
Japanese are so awesome! :D

 And a last picture of my GIANT chocolate cupcake :D
Leave me a comment or a question yo! ^~^

Arigato Gozaimas~


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