Saturday, 3 December 2011

♥ Review: Super Barbie Rose Blue

I have been splurging too much on lenses :x
Reason being, Singapore is becoming more strict with the importation of contact lenses so while I still can, I buy in BULK!
And today's review will be the Super Barbie Rose Blue lenses! :D

The lenses in their little lens casing! :D
Aren't they gorgeous~
There are classic rose pattern inside which I think looks damn classy laaaa~

So now, you are probably thinking 
"WAAA SIAO. Then wear this lens sure can see the rose design. So weird!!"
NOPE! :/
Don't believe? See for yourself

*sorry for my #fail eyeliner*
Its more of a crystal/diamond effect that gives a very watery eye look :)
And when I say you can't really see the rose design, I mean it.

Chose these two picture, even though I look like a wreck, is because my eye look so watery and glittery! :D
Never edit! 
And I don't think the rose design is obvious unless you stare really hard and you tell your friend/bf 
"My lens got rose design!"
And I wore these lenses a lot of times but no one has ever told me "Hey Amandy, your lenses have roses in them o.O "
Which is....a good thing :/
Cause I can't imagine what my reply will be...
It will probably go along the lines of "Yea I know .... *feels awkward but give tiko wink* ;) "

♡♡ Super Barbie Rose Series lens in blue ♡♡♡ 
 Colour: 6/10  (Doesn't really show up on my eyes much, but then again, my eyes are super black/dark brown :/ Design is chio and unique though! There is a hint of blue but not too much which makes it perfect to wear to school *if your school is strict* )

 Comfortable rating: 9/10  (No problem wearing these lenses for long hours since they are super barbie and water content is  high. Worn these lenses from 9am-8pm, no problem ^^  )

 Enlargement: 7/10 (Not very large enlargement unlike my I.Fairy lenses. Super barbie lenses are mostly 15.8mm-16.0mm. Definitely larger than Geo lenses)
Pocket-friendly: 9/10 (I bought these pair for $13/pair. Bought it from start of the year? So the prices were still relatively cheap then. These are yearly lenses but are not recommended to wear past 3 months of you were to wear them on a daily or regular basis).

Design is unique and colour doesn't really show up, which is a plus for school kids who wants to be a tad defiant but not too defiant. Definitely a good buy but I don't see myself buying them again as I prefer lenses that are more obvious/colour shows more on my eye.

Speaking of which, I'm currently into natural looking lenses :o
Amazing right?
I'm more of the green, red, blue, pink lenses type of girl and know I'm going au naturale.

And, a small little something about me :/
Please don't judge.
I used to love wearing coloured contacts to school. 
So much so that, I wore turquoise lenses to school for three months before they expired :D
I miss my turquoise lenses :<
Shall ask daddy to get them from me when he comes back from Vietnam ^^

Shall sleep now :D
Superbly tired~
New post on where to get the cutest stationary will be up by Sunday~

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