Tuesday, 6 December 2011

The saddest thing about us...is not being friends

Slightly moody and depress cause I fell out with a close friend. 
Sigh :/ That friend was always by my side when I'm upset and cheers me up like nobody can.
Yet...things have changed. 
The common test are coming soon and there are tons of things I could update about but my brain is so sizzled and frazzled by all the NSS going through my head. So, shall take a breather and just do a mini update before I close the laptop and head to bed.

I bought my sister and mum's xmas present! :D
Shall blog about it pretty soon~
Have you guys gotten anything for your family members? I'm still thinking what to get my dad :/
Any ideas? Leave me your good ideas in formspring or under the comments section yo! 

I have been shopping on G-Market pretty often lately and decided to succumb to temptation and I bought a limited edition Dollywink liquid eyeliner X Dollywink long mascara ^^
Yippie happy with my new loots :D
My first Dollywink products so I'm super mad pleased about it and it was a bargain! :D
I even had a $2 off because of my coupons.
So total was $30? And the mascara cost $25 -ish while the eyeliner cause $19.90 ~ 
SO, its definitely worth it while. Somemore $30 comprises of TAQBIN courier ^^

Can ask me for the link! I'm nice :D

Then, I bought two new trays of eyelashes! 
Diamond lash-Fairy (diamond lash sprees are super hard to find! Even Shoponblog doesn't have them anymore :< ) and also I <3 matsuge eyelashes - lower lashes.
Will blog about them when I receive them and I can't wait to pair them up together! :D
Which reminds me that I have yet to review my eyemazing lashes :/
Personally, I think eyemazing lashes are a tad too dramatic and too long. I feel like the hairy mammoth with the super long lashes from sesame street if I don't pair my lashes with circle lenses.
Maybe its just me :/

Oh and I bought three new pair of GEO Mimi series lenses which I can't wait to receive but shall resist opening them as I reckon I opened a lot of new lenses already.

A picture tells a thousand words and I guess this picture says that I'm a shopaholic through and through. 
Haha! My unopened lenses and my opened lenses :/
Anyway, gotten the box at Daiso. 
I love getting nice decorative boxes because then, I don't have to wrap the presents up :D
I always wrap things up really ugly so I'm glad they invented gift box!
Go grab one @ Daiso because I think its an awesome buy! ><
Super big yo!

The cover of my new box! Mad pretty ain't it? *winks*
And since, the weather is so cold nowadays... 
or maybe its just me....
I bought a new pair of furry purple ribbon socks.

Sincerely love my new purple ribbon furry socks.
So furry and soft...
Haha! Wearing them as I'm blogging this.
I hope I'm in the mood for blogging tomorrow as I wanna blog about an awesome place to get some accessories for the upcoming Chinese New Year! 
And some pieces I'll be ordering (if I can find some money to spare after going on a MAD XMAS spree).
Heh! ;)

And also a place to buy all the cute scheduler and gifts that make awesome xmas present. 
The best thing about this online shop is that the things are all instock!
Don't need to wait for shipping and all~

So cross your fingers and hope I have the mood to blog tomorrow...
After my brain-numbing 4 hours of POA lecture :/

Amanda Misaki Sea

p.s : Redeem some free samples from TheSampleStore cause I recently redeem two masks and those smencils that I saw at the bookstore at ION. I forgotten the bookstore name as my mind is filled with NSS jargon... But I think its called Harris? :/
AND, leave me a comment if you wanna know the link for the Dollywink limited edition products. 
Else, you'll just have to wait till I get it, use it and do a review on it :B

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