Thursday, 15 December 2011

Sometimes, Love is everywhere....

Haha I'm trolling around and definitely not studying cause I'm in the party mood already~~
Last paper is tmr yo!
*Holiday mood*

1. Full Name: Amanda Sea
2. Height: 1.72m
3. Weight: 60kg
4. Relationship status: In a loving relationship
5. 5 girls I can trust: Claudine, Siva, Jiaying, SiYing, Kellie
6. 5 boys i can trust: Jerome, Edmund, Kai Wen (Boyffie), Kai Zhong, Roger

Firsts and lasts -
7. First piercing: 7 (Remembered I kept screaming)
8. First best friend: Chew Mei (We always cried for mummy in primary school)
9. First real love: Still with him now, Kaiwen~
10. First word: Dada
11. First kiss: Lewis :/
12. Last person you talked to in person: KaiWen
13. Last person you text : Eileen (Customer)
14. Last person you watched a movie with: Kaiwen, Justin and Cheryl
15. Last food you ate: Nasi Lemak?
16. Last movie you watched in theaters: Arthur Christmas (I think that's the movie name)
17. Last song you listened to: Tonight - BigBang
18. Last thing you bought: HelloKitty Wayfarers?
19. Last person you hugged: Kaiwen~

Have you ever -
20. Fallen in love with someone ? Yep
21. Did something you regret ? Yep :< (ran from home)
22. Broke a promise ? Yep
23. Hid a secret ? Yep....
24. Pretend to be happy ? Yea x.x
25. Broke someone heart ? Yea :/
26. Cried when someone died ? Nope

Your future -
27. Want kids ? YEAAA!
28. Want to get married ? HELL YES!
29. With who ? Kaiwen :x

Do you believe in -
30. Yourself ? yeaaaa no.
31. Miracles ? yep
32. Love at first sight ? hmm...half believe
33. Heaven ? yea
34. God ? YEA
35. And FINALLY, how do you feel about answering all these questions ? Finally relieved of boredom :D

Anyway, shall do a lens review pretty soon...
And I'm itching to try out the Happy Kitchen Cupcakes! :<

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