Friday, 23 December 2011

♥ Sponsored Advertorial: Laids Esquive

Hello Lovelies! :D
Cash tight because of the Xmas season? Want to order famous US branded clothing but don't want to spend so much + wait so long for the shipping time?

Why not head over to Laids Esquive today to get your fair share of extremely pocket friendly and flattering apparels?
All their apparels are instock and are exclusive to one piece per design.
They carry brands ranging from New Look and Top Shop all the way to Livejournal items from places such as Her Velvet Vase!
And what?!

Negotiations and trades are ok?! Meet-ups, deposits, biddings and reservations are also available at Laids Esquive? Yep! You read correctly!

So, I was super excited when Laids Esquive contacted me and arranged for a tote bag and a pair of earrings to be mailed to me :D

Look at the pair of earrings they mailed me :D
Pretty righhht? 
And the tote bag!

The interior.
Its extremely big and can fit a lot of my stuff inside! Sturdy too!
And they are handmade with loveeeeee~

Just an idea of how much items this tote can hold!
The design I gotten is a sling type which is suitable for when you are going to the beach or just going to the nearby mall to chill out!

Other tote design includes~

Don't worry if the tote design you want is OOS as they are remaking it~
I adore the floral prints on #7 \(^~^)/

And another reason to check them out?
Well, don't always know what kind of top goes well with what bottoms?
Well, worry no more!
At Laids Esquive , most of the items are coordinated so that you don't have to fret if you have the right shorts/pants to match that gorgeous top!
I especially adore these combinations and I think you would too!

This would be what I would love to wear when I'm just hanging with friends!
Pair it with a braided headband and you're all set to go!

The Floral printed shoes just goes so well with the whole get-up.
And don't you think that the colour coordination complements perfectly?

Ok. I love this because of the knitted cardigan.
Lately, I started having this weakness for knitted cardigans :/
And you know how expensive they are!
Mango (having a 50% sales now) sells their knitted cardigan at $40 around that price.
Expensiveeeeeeee :<
So guess how much is Laids Esquive selling?
$35! And its brand new!
So freaking tempted! Once I get my pay, I will drop by Laids Esquive for sure!

And, thats not all!
This Christmas Season, give your pocket a reason to be contented! Quote "Jollygiving" when placing your orders to be entitled to free normal postage as well as a small token of appreciation!

Happened to miss the Christmas Promotion?
Don't fret! Just like Laids Esquive Facebook page and share it with your friends to enjoy $1 off your purchase! 
Do remember to quote your FB name when placing orders :D

So now, who is in the mood for Christmas/ New Year clothes?
Head over to Laids Esquive and shop away!
Merry Christmas lovelies! ^~~^
(A very early one~)

Amanda Misaki Sea

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