Saturday, 17 December 2011

♥ Winner of giveaway #1

I was too tired from my trip to Sentosa yesterday
(New blog post to be up soon) 
So I'm therefore making it up by blogging as much as I can.

Now, to announce the winner of giveaway #1!~
Quite disappointed that there were only a few entries but yea x.x

Congratulations to Vivian Ho~
With her lovely entry: 

I need a new diary/planner/scheduler for 2012 and I'm dead broke :(. You're an awesome and pretty blogger who should owns more fame. :) My current ones only filled up to dec 2011. And I'm born on christmas eve, 24 DEC :) I should deserve a good christmas and birthday gift >.< :) hehehe and you never fails to get awesomely cute stuffs. (jealous)* Love ya :)
And I can't live without a scheduler ever since I got it as a gift last christmas. It had helped me soooo much T.T I'm blurgirl93. 
What's more the one you're giving away has the exact box box week/month/daily scheduler I'm using now just that the cover is different >.< happiness :) 

Facebook : Vivian Ho Sin Yee

Please email your address to me @

For those readers who missed the giveaway or didn't win anything this time round, don't be disheartened!
I have bought something for a second giveaway!
And it will take place as soon as I reached 50 followers on my twitter^^
So follow me now~ ^^

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