Wednesday, 4 January 2012

75th Post

I'm running out of titles for my post :/
(Which explains why this post is numbered...)
Anyway, the second half of the school semester has started and I'm crazily busy. The exams results are out too which means I have to start bucking up on some subjects.
Gosh! I can't wait for the term holidays to arrive (lazy aren't I? Totally explains my new year resolutions not to be lazy :/)
I was having a giant clean up of my room the other day + a total make over for my room.
I found out that I have a ton of eyelashes which I have yet to use and which, I have not properly reviewed at all.
Come to think of it, I have never done a proper review of those Eyemazing lashes I have or the new hauls I gotten from sprees and from trips to beauty stores (sigh...Lazy syndrome). 
So, I will publish all my eyelashes reviews as soon as I can and post them up here.

Personally, I love the Diamond lashes I recently hauled from a spree ^~^ Mad pretty and looks glam.
The below pictures are a sneak peek to one of the eyelash reviews I'm preparing ^^
What do you think of them?
A pretty nice combination no?

A combination of upper lashes and lower lashes. 
One is from a reputable brand and the other is a duplicate of a reputable brand (which I have...Felt so scammed :/).
The duplicate only costed me $2 (DAISO!) whereas, the reputable brand costed me $18.

And look at my latest hauls just in today! ^~^

An adorable furry Rilakkuma! Squeals!
It has this workable zipper at the back of it! Gotten it for less than $20 and I used the money earned from Gushcloud to pay for this little cutie!
Join Gushcloud today and start earning in US dollars! :D

Tomorrow is Thursday, 5 January (I know my blog post dates and timing are all screwed up :/)
A long day but I will be back to do an eyelash review (hopefully)

And yes, I repainted my room lime green ._.
I actually wanted it to be a soft and tranquil green (apple green) but the person at the paint shop gave me the wrong colour and I didn't know it until the damage was already done...
Point taken that my room can now be the new home of movie casts looking for Green walls to film their special effects...
Contact me for booking yea ;)

But green is green and its sort of funny to wake up to lime green walls. 

Oh...and, I found the camera that I thought I have lost!
(Yay to better pictures~)

Amanda Misaki Sea

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