Sunday, 8 January 2012

Day 1: A recent picture of me and 15 interesting facts about myself

'My very first day in my 30-day blog challenge! :D
Hoho! So excited. Let's get started!
*rub hands in anticipation*

So, here's a recent picture of myself. I swear its recent. Only a few weeks back.

Yep, I reused the photo from a previous blog post and I'll be reusing this picture later on for an eyelash review I have been dying to do. *giggles*
Centre parting looks.... ok right?

So now that we're done with the recent picture part, I shall now state 15 amusing facts about myself:

1) I'm freakishly tall
(I'm 1.72m tall. Which is tall. Because on an average, girls my age are supposed to be 1.65m. Sigh. I'm abnormal?)

2) I accidentally swallowed a live cockroach
(This is weird but true. I swallowed a live cockroach as it fell into my milo :/ )

3) There are some days when I don't feel like combing my hair
(Because I feel that my bed hair looks awesome. End up combing it anyway)

4) I am superbly innocent and gullible
(Reason being, I got fooled by the same april fool's trick. Twice. In the same day. And this is only a example in the countless other cases where I have gotten scammed/dupe/tricked/lied to/etc.) 

5) I dare not jaywalk/ do things that is unheard of
(I like to abide by the rules and I don't usually jaywalk across the street unless there are tons of people doing the same thing. Somehow, I have this logic that if everyone does it, it will become "legal"... somehow.)

6) I can't think properly with loud club music
(I tend to do my serious homework and stuff under the influence of classical music/ acoustic version. I have a different playlist for different things. For example, when I'm killing monsters on DN I will listen to club music- S&M. If I'm doing my homework, I will listen to acoustic music- A thousand years. If I listen to club music when I'm doing my work, I tend to sing along and type gibberish)

7) I wear furry socks to sleep
(I bought many furry marshmallow socks to wear to sleep. My feet gets unusually cold every night regardless of the weather. Weird? I know.)

8) I can't sleep without playing around with my phone for at least 30 mins
(Whenever I lie in bed, I can't fall to sleep unless I play around with my phone for at least 30 mins. During this transition of time, I can't play any games that will agitate my mind... else I will never get to sleep :/ )

9) I have a tendency to drool when I'm tired.

10) I hate insects and I can't and refuse to sleep in a room that has an insect in it...

11) I'm treated like a princess at home :/
(Sigh ;/ Not really proud of this cause it just shows how spoiled I'm. Somehow, my dad and mum makes sure I have the best stuff. My dad even helps to trim my nails once a month *blush* Even when I'm outside, people offer to help me take stuff and help me do things.)

12) I do not have any favourite singer
(No seriously, I do not have a particular preference for a particular boy band/girl band/singer. I prefer to listen to any music that appeals to my mood and this thus explains my non-existent iPod playlist. Not a fan girl.)

13) I get agitated when I'm gaming
(I tend to scream and shout at my screen when I'm killing monsters on DN. And I refuse to play the game after 10pm unless my dad or some guy is at home with me because I'm afraid of the monster. Yes, laugh at me -.- )

14) I sing in the shower
(Ever since I was young, I have sung in the shower and still do. I try my best to hit all the high notes in a song whenever I'm in the shower hoping the water would somehow cover up my mistake. But somehow, my mum always snickers whenever I step out of the shower :/ )

15) I can't resist nice packaging.
(Things with nice packaging is a killer for me. I must have it. Which explains most of my unused stuff in my room.....)


  1. wow! 1.72, that's the height of those international models :D

  2. Haha yea x.x but I thought models were a teensy tad taller than I'm?


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