Monday, 9 January 2012

Day 2: What's in my bag?

Back with day 2's topic!
I'm really excited to be doing this topic because I love flaunting what I have :B
Okay I know I'm just being mean and superficial here but I really like to take pictures of all the new hauls that I have in my bag because I feel that some of my buys are just damn awesome :D

The point being, I have too many hauls from recent months and recent spree and they don't arrive at the same time! D;
So I usually use them first and whenever I remember, I will just take a picture and label it as 'My Hauls'. And since I can never ever remember exactly what I hauled or if I have shown it to the world, I would prefer this method of showing off my buys ^~^ 
(yea, haters probably thinking "What a superficial bitch" LOL.)

First, my Christmas gift and my current most favourite bag!

Louis Vuitton bought by Daddy dearest ^~^
It is damn spacious so I can dumb all my chapalang things inside! :D

The bad thing about this bag is that it doesn't come with a compartment for me to place my phone in. 
Which means I have to search through the folds of my cardigan to get to my phone.
Explains why I bought that pretty coach wristlet.

Hehe what's in my bag when I'm out!
-Jetoy Cat wallet from Korea
-A normal comb
-Leopard print make up pouch (bought it at Daiso for $2, told you Daiso is damn awesome.)
- A zhng leopard printed LED mirror that lights up! 
-Ibanking device with a rilakkuma LED.
-My lens casing
-iPod Shuffle
-Coach wristlet

What's in that furry leopard printed make up pouch?
-Eyelash glue
-Two eyeshadow (pink and brown)
-A hair clip
-Nude lipstick from NYX
-Some chapalang lipgloss brand I bought for $2. Rose scented!
-Victoria Secret Beauty rush eyeliner in pencil
-NYX pearl white eyeliner
-Long mascara (also bought for $2 but works well)
-Dollywink eyelash case consists of my Diamond lash in fairy eye and eye<3 matsuge lower lashes
-Maybelline Hypersharp liner

And last but not least, how can I have forgotten my super chio beige cardigan? ^~^

Gotten it at the Mango sales!
If you girls wanna get things from Mango, wait till year end cause they have massive sales of up to 50% off!

Amanda Misaki Sea

And my recent haul!
Rilakkuma is much loved!


  1. Wow! Love your makeup items! Do you really carry that makeup bag around everywhere for touchups?! Amazing. XD

  2. @LauraLeia ^~^ Yep! Bring it around for touch up and to flaunt cause I think its so pretty ^^


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