Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Day 3: The meaning behind my blogger name

Okay, this is just an embarrassment (kind-of).

So, I go by the blogging name of Amanda Misaki Sea. I have used my blogger name for many other countless social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. 
Frankly, I think it is a very nice alias for my boring plain jane name of just "Amanda Sea".
In fact, my blogger name has been like a second name for me. So much that, I sometimes (accidentally, I swear) introduce myself as Amanda Misaki Sea and I get people coming up to me and saying "Hi, Amanda Misaki! :D "

And to top it off, I often shop online, with my blogger name :/
So, you can imagine the embarrassment and the barrage of questions I get from my mum, when the postman screams out "IS AMANDA MISAKI AT HOME?"  :O

Point taken, it really is a nice alias to go with (I wish I was born with that name) but it isn't my real name. 

Now, the story behind my blogger name.
So, I love this Popteen model, Misaki Izuoka.
I love her so much more than the top Popteen model, kumiko "kumicky" funayama, because Misaki Izuoka is damn chio with and without makeup!
She look mixed laaaaa! <3

So, being the silly little kid that I was, I decided to incorporate her name "Misaki" into my name to become my blogger name. 
Somehow, I wish that her natural good looks will be "somehow, miraculously" passed on to me.
So, after realising that I'm never gonna get any prettier than she is, I decided to take her as my role model
*Watery eyes*

That's it for now!
The sad story (Somehow I bet someone will laugh at how silly I'm) about my blogger name :<

Fail at taking after her.
Sigh :/

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