Monday, 16 January 2012

Day 6: Something that I craves for a lot

Oh gosh :/
I haven't been in the mood to blog because this blog has too many memories. It holds too many memories that I hold dear.
So, I will be back with something that I craves for a lot.
So these few days, I'm slightly depressed and I am only feeling slightly better today.
I couldn't bring myself to think about anything sweet which I usually love!
And I can't even bring myself to eat much except for sandwiches that last me the whole day till dinner time.
Emokid94 here. So usually, by the time I reach home, I start to rummage through the shelves and grab things that I feel like eating.

No feel already :<
Anyway, here are the things that keep lurking around my mind. So I think that I am most probably craving for them right now but am probably too sad to think straight?

1) Green tea ice cream!
Someone please buy me green tea ice cream! Somehow, I feel happy about eating green tea ice cream because its in an apple green shade which I love, and because I like the taste of it.
Yes, I disillusioned myself that spam eating green tea ice cream won't make me a fat bitch but I usually get a shock when I stand on the weighing scale.

2) Koi Ice cream milk tea
This craving is really... A guilty shot. Because I know just how much calories/fats/sessions of workout is needed to burn all the sugar away from this baby. Gosh. But somehow, depression make me crave for sweet things. And I love the pearls. *chew*

3) Marshmallow with jelly fillings
Another "Hi-amanda-this-will-make-you-fat-like-a-ball" craving. But I like marshmallow with jelly fillings. Especially the strawberry ones. Buy me a packet and deliver them to me right now and I will dedicate a post sincerely to you! :D

Ok, I am done with this mini craving post.
And I feel much more cheered up by the fact that there are so many people around me who cares for me.


  1. When I am depressed, I usually sleep; no food cravings. Perhaps subconsciously, I desperately want the day to end and move on.
    ell, hope you feel better soon, watch that food intake =)

  2. Hehe! Thank you ^^ I did feel better after all my fattening food. Yea. I can't fall asleep when I'm depressed. Somehow i will keep thinking about it :<


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