Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Day 7: A habit that I wish I didn't have

So I will schedule this post for tmr even though I'm blogging tonight dated 16/01/2012 :/
Gomennasai! I haven't posted for quite abit!
Horrible habit of mine somehow. Somehow when I'm down, I don't feel like touching my blog because I'm so afraid that I will type something sad that will scare all the readers away.
Hi, I have an image to maintain. LOL!

Anyway, talking about habits, here is a habit I wish I didn't have.
I wish I wasn't that lazy.

I mean, look at me, I'm probably the most laziest person in the whole wide world! I nua on bed every sat morning till 1pm even though I'm wide awake at 10am in the morning.
And I don't bother cleaning up my room because... My room is a mess.
Nuff said.

I always end up finding random stuff when I clean up my room, like a whole bunch of new lashes which I have yet to use, or a long forgotten set of brushes for contouring and applying foundation. And at times, I can't find my bus pass among all the mess in my room. Which is really sad. Because I have to bring around a bunch of coins for transportation fees :/

Which really explains the new year resolutions of not being lazy. Both in the virtual world and in reality.
Sigh :/ Why am I born like that?

To top it off, I like to place the newly hauled stuff I get into a giant plastic bag and forget all about them until I suddenly saw them on someone else or conveniently remember them in the middle of the night.
At least, I have kept to a New Year Resolution! I have managed to stop myself from buying unnecessary items!

I sincerely hope I can continue on being like this for the whole year. Because, I have this warp logic that goes like this: When I'm sad - I don't eat - I take $$ to shoppppppp~ ^^  - Feels happy - Feels contented - Feels full . Yep save money from eating to shop around! However, this always happen.

Depressed- feel sad- feel unhappy- don't eat - take $$ to shopppp ^^ - feel happy -  feel contented - feel broke :/ - feel upset - feel depressed - eat and get fat.
So end up, I get fat and spend money like a free -.-

So yeap, if I were to choose which bad habits I want to give up, I would choose to give up my habit of being lazy. 
And for once, being NOT lazy. How hard.

Picture of the day: Taken with neave.com/webcam
Lomo effect. I like my living room sunlight. CHIO TUMBLR KINDA HAIR!
hiak hiak!
Ok. Enough camwhoring :/

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