Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Day 8: Goals for this month

Ok, this is quite pointless since half the month is already gone by this time. 
So, I shall just jump straight to the point and blog about my goals for this month through to 17 February.

1) Concentrate on my classes!
- So, the problem still exists when I can't ever concentrate on my classes. I tend to sleep in my class or play FB games or generally, just doing everything except listening to the lecturer. Yea, and I have to spend weekends reading up on the topics of the week. Sucks to be me :/

2) Revise and do my classwork.
- So as on top, I tend to not listen in class and procrastinate till the weekends to revise on the topics covered in the week lecture. However, I have not been doing this for quite some time. Yes, how do I go on in Poly? Sometimes, I don't know either :/ So, I hope that I will actually revise and do my homework without having to resort to googling it or Wikipedia-ing it :/

3) Relationships
- I sincerely hope that I can stop putting my all into relationship as it somehow gets me hurt... I don't wish to lose all my heart and go around life not smiling/laughing/ being a heartless person. And I wish that my heart only falls in love when its ready. Not when its lonely.

4) Sleep early!
- I have been sleeping later and later and my eye bags are... FAWESOME *sense sarcasm prease*
So, I actually made a vlog today (17/01/12) but will most probably not upload it because my eye bags are totally...FML. My face = cui and my hair = just woke up from nightmare. Overall appearance = minus infinity. Major turn off. So I wish I can toh and sleeeeeeeeep until I happy :D

5) Stop being angry at random strangers
- I like to swear at strangers under my breath. Because somehow, they always tend to be so inconsiderate or they can never sense when we don't feel like talking or when we are just plain bored with talking to them. Some strangers think that they are the most awesome people in the world and they can keep on spamming your MSN/FB even though your replies are these: "Orh", "Ok", "K", "Whatever" , "Ya" and so on.

Ok, I have come to the end of my simple simple goals for this month through to 17 February and I hope I get to keep them all... :D

And because I couldn't make a nice vlog with my big ugly eyebag, I decided to take a picture!


Yes, that braid is my real life hair!
Jelly a not?
*sounds so Singaporean*

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