Friday, 20 January 2012

Day 9: Nicknames. Why and how did I get them?

Hello! :D
Aren't I diligently blogging!? Haha! Ok, I will be away for awhile because I reckon that it is virtually impossible to blog during the Chinese New Year!
So, I shall schedule some blog post and surprise!
You can still read me when anyone of you readers miss me :D

So, back to today's blogging topic!
Nicknames. Anyone and everyone has them.

(I'm currently blogging this while waiting for my new hair colour to show! Guess what colour yo!
Its Liese sweet pink colour.
I hope its not pink la! Xiasuey if its like hot pink! ><)

So, my nicknames are "panda", "tallie", "amandy", "misaki" and "piggy".
LOL. And here's the story of how I get each and every one of them.

My friend used to love calling me panda because it rhymes (amanda panda). And somehow, I used to stay awake till late night and have these set of humongous eyebags/dark circles. Which explains everything... Really :/

No, this is not me.
Yes, I'm sorry..Whose ever eye bag picture I kope from Google. 
*Yea, I'm just exaggerating*

And then, it upgraded to tallie. Because I was the tallest girl in class and my best friend was this small little thing that squeak and ran around stalking me.
Haha I miss her <3
Ok, so she always called me tallie and I called her shorty. LOL.
Point taken!

Amandy seemed to be what everyone calls me in sec sch. All around school, sudden people would scream "AMAAAAAAAAANDY!~" LOL o.o
My blog name used to be amandy-ness which totally explains my name... Totally.

Misaki. Blogger name. In my blogger story. Yea. Remember? 
You don't? Wow. Ok then. ._. 
Uhm....*awward pause*

Piggy. Mr. K calls me that . 


*insert troll face*

Somehow, I love wearing OL stuff. I have been spamming the work skirt and pocket tops.

What do you think?
An improvement from the lace x chiffon stuffs I have been wearing?
Looks more... "Me" than my old auntie frills, laces and chiffons right?!
ok... :/

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