Thursday, 5 January 2012

Have you gotten hacked?

Hello! Just a little tidbit of information I have learnt from a lecture that I just took today.
When was the last time you restarted your computer to install updates for your laptop/computer?
If you haven't done it, I would advice you to finish reading this post and then head over to install those updates!

I'm currently studying in BIT and we get to learn these awesome things such as internet security and how our computer are so prone to hacking.
I found it superbly interesting, so I thought I would share with you guys here.
Did you know that phising sites (sites that are able to get your facebook password/user ID) are made to look exactly like the real website?
Check out the video below. Looks like a normal facebook site right? See the link on top?

How creepy is that?! Like for example, you are surfing on your mobile and they suddenly ask you to log in to facebook because of a link you just clicked in. Always check the URL if they ask for your password because who knows, it might be a phising scam.
Now you're thinking, "aiya no kick. Facebook only. Also not say is ibanking or whatever right?"
No, you're wrong. Most people reuse their passwords for their work/personal emails and other important site. 
Now see the risk?

Hoho. And if you're thinking "Its just that. The most I check lorrrrr! Why need me to update my laptop/computer.. So ma fan!"

Do you know that these updates (as troublesome as they are) help to protect your computer from hacking?
These updates are created by your operating system because they realise the lapse in security and are meant to protect YOUR files.

Not sure how? Well, a hacking computer can create and delete files from your computer as and when the hacker likes. The hacker can also download all your vital information to his computer. Think this is not scary?
Well, the same hacker can see what you're doing on your computer at real time. 
Meaning, for example, a hacker computer can see that I'm blogging and that I have facebook, twitter and my gmail tabs opened.

That same hacker, can have your password shown to him visibly if he uses a program in that hacking server.
He can also access your webcam and SEE WHO YOU ARE!
isn't that just plain creepy?!?!
Imagine unknown random strangers hacking into your computer and accessing your laptop to see your face!!

The worst thing? You don't have to download anything to kena this hacker..... the hacker might be on your computer now and you don't even know it.

So be a good person and update your computer today ^~^
Oh and join NP cause thats where you learn all this FAWESOME stuff!

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