Sunday, 22 January 2012

Jovin and Me~

So, I haven't really been blogging nowadays and that's because I'm having some relationship problem.
I'm so glad I met Jovin though. He is super super nice la!
And I'm glad he came into my life ;)
Anyway, emotional stuff aside, we met up.

He was nice enough to come over to my school to fetch me although he stays at Hougang and has to travel friggin far to get to my campus. But nice guys will be nice guys.
And when he gotten to my campus, and I first met him.

My brain goes "OH gosh. He is damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn friggin tall!"
Nah :/ I'm just exaggerating. But he is tall! Ideal height!

And then we headed to Coronation walk Starbucks. My very first starbucks!
Ok :/ Very noob hor! Yea x.x
So we found ourself a spot on the second level and it was in one of those soft cushion-y chair that I simply adore.
I love how they play those soft relaxing music that just makes me wanna cuddle up and fall asleep.

And since it was our first time meeting, Jovin was so nice to get me a cuppa!
Yes, I don't know what to order so I just let him choose. He chose a white chocolate mocha!
Those ice coffee with the foamy creamy thing on top which I simply adore.
No pictures cause I was too nervous.
And we started talking.

Guess I wasn't the only shy one cause he talk really little.
Haha! And I was hoping I didn't annoy him by being so talkative. I yap on and on and on.
And he just sat there and listen <3

oops spot my fat fingers!

Playing diamond dash and practically ignoring me while I ramble on.
Then we left the place and he needed to head for dinner with friends. 
Took 852 home and I was tired enough to lie my head on his shoulders.
Gosh he is so tall..
I swear!

Ok. Enough fangirl-ing about my twinnie <3
He is mine HOR!

Ya I know. Cui eyebrows -.-

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