Saturday, 7 January 2012

My 30-day Blog challenge

So, I have always been so tempted to do this 30-day blog challenge but can't seem to find any appropriate ones or the topics are just plain boring. 

And since my New Year Resolutions was to be a conscientious blogger, I have come up with a few topics that would make the next 30-day an enjoyable read for existing and new readers. 

Here are the blog post topics I'll be covering for the next 30-day:
-A recent picture of me and 15 interesting facts about myself
-What's in my bag?
-The meaning behind my blogger name
-A letter to someone who has hurt me recently
-A letter to my parents
-Something that I craves for a lot
-A habit that I wish I didn't have
-Short term goals/ goals for this month
-Nicknames. Why and how did I get them?
-My stash of eye make up 
-My skin care regime
-My stash of circle lenses 
-Put my iPod on shuffle and the first ten songs that play as well as quotes from them.
-Songs that I listen to when I'm happy/mad/sad/bored/hyper etc.. 
-Long term goals 
-My blog story
-A picture of me last year and now. How much have I change since then.
-Things that I do when I'm stuck at home on a rainy day
-What do I do when I first open my Chrome
-A person I look up to
-A celebrity that I think I look like 
-Someone that I would want to switch life with for a day
-Confessions of bad things I've done ._.
-Favourite haunts during the weekend
-What makes me different from people my age
-Who am I?
-My favourite brands of clothing/ bags/ whatever 
-Hauls this month
-Why am I doing this 30-day blog challenge
-What I have learned in the past month

Ok, I'm finally done with the typing of the 30-day blog challenge. Sigh. My English is deteriorating :<
I had to correct my atrocious English a few times.
Anyway, first blog post challenge will be up tomorrow so do subscribe to me or check back daily!

Amanda Misaki Sea

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