Sunday, 8 January 2012

♥ Sponsored Advertorial: EyeLookGood

Hey darlings!
Have you always had this problem?
"Where to get contact lens at cheap cheap prices?"
"Where to get SAFE contact lenses at prices cheaper than retail prices?"
Well, this post will be your saviour! 

Introducing EyeLookGood!
This online shop sells authentic and approved optical lenses.
They carry famous brands such as Acuvue, FreshLook, Freshkon and many other famous brands of optical shop lenses.

Their selling price starts from $23 onwards and they sell toric lenses! :D

They were nice enough to sponsor me with 10 pairs of one-day contact lenses :>

 They are 13.8mm in diameter but enlarges pretty well and it feels really comfy on my eye. 
I keep wearing them whenever I have to be out for long hours as they make sure that my eyes don't get dry or irritated.

It looks super natural on my eye. And I'm still debating if its brown or black. Somehow, it looks black at times but looks chocolate in harsh fluorescent lighting.

I always wear 16mm lenses and I was afraid I'll be disappointed at the enlargement of these lenses but I'm pleasantly surprise.
They don't look too freaky huge and I now look like I have naturally big eyes. ^~^

So, now you know where to get the most safest and cheapest optical lenses!
Get your lenses at EyeLookGood now! ^~^
Do join their group at EyeLookGood FB Group
or like their page here: EyeLookGood FB Page

Reasons to like their page?
They do have giveaway so do like their page today to avoid disappointment! ^~^

Amanda Misaki Sea

If you love my eyes, go shop with them now! ^~^
Eyelashes that I'm wearing: Diamond lash in fairy eye

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