Saturday, 4 February 2012

Back from my hiatus

So I haven't really been diligently doing any posting but that's because I had a ton of thing to rush after the CNY. And then there were the barrage of tests that came after the project dateline. We had to clear all the modules that weren't examinable in the final examination. 
This included CQ in which I got a freaking C. Bcomms where I had to put on a stuffy formal wear and talk in front of a bunch of people and NSS where I had to do a paper which has only one word to described it "MINDFUCKED". 

So, after this week has pass, I came out a little less stress. A little smarter and a whole lot dumber. 
Because, I don't know if you guys do it, but I pretend that my head is a computer. And then this computer has a section that says school work. Everytime a test or a major exam is over, the whole file is deleted. :/
So, I apparently got a whole lot dumber because I cannot remember what is a NTFS nor a FAT and what they do.

Anyway, I change my blog banner. Yea, there is no more annoying me staring at you when you enter my blog. Nor is there the cute floral prints... But don't you fret your pretty little mind... 
THEY WILL BE BACK! *whispers*

And I think I am hooked on lacey things. Goodbye floral prints. Laces are the bomb!
Ok I shall head back to do up some report due today and tomorrow.


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