Saturday, 25 February 2012

Hauls: MAC Lipglass in Orange Descence


I'm officially back with a new post! I'm damn sorry to all those readers who have to put up with my sultry attitude and emotional posts! I guess I'm better with just blogging about things I love <3 Anyway, today blog post will be a haul post! 

I placed an order with Smoochiezz via Gmarket for a MAC lipglass and received it just today/yesterday (24/02). The shipping only took 3 days and really, I just love how efficient Smoochiezz can be. They sell authentic MAC products and other cosmetics such as ELF and NYX cosmetics. All their products are much cheaper than retail price which means that we seriously save a lot of money when we shop with them!

In fact, I first heard of them through Gmarket while shopping for new lipsticks. I gotten myself a shade in nude (LSS 590) Honey. If you love nude lips like I do, I recommend that product BUT, be warned that you should exfoliate your lips else you'll end up with flaky lips :/

This is my first MAC product and so far all I have are good impression of it.

The packaging it comes in :)
Like all MAC products that you can get over at Orchard, this lipglass (feels weird calling it that but yea, whatever), comes in a black box.

The colour is the shade in Orange Descence. They have many other shades too but so far, this interest me the most!

Somehow this colour just make me think of a similar Candy Doll lipgloss :/
But it is a very pretty shade of colour isn't it?

Swatches of MAC lipglass in Orange Descence:
On top- Just a blob without smearing them up. Note how vivid the colour is
Below- Smeared. Note how orange beige the colour becomes <3 *MAJOR LIKE*

They cost me $10.49 on Gmarket because of some bestseller event thing PLUS, I had coupons :)
*ultra gayyyy*
They cost $17 on the Smoochiezz website and the retail price of them in Singapore is $28~ 
*I think*

I love the colour and the pigment of this product. And it isn't crazily orange or sparkly (I actually really hate sparkly lipgloss because they make your lips look like fishy lips :/)

Will do a review on them after I have tried them on! :D
Do stay tuned darlings!`


Amanda Misaki Sea

P.s: I changed my layout for my blog and I will be adding a tagbox plus formspring soon! The new layout (sadly) can only be seen on desktop :<


  1. Hi there! So I realize this post is super old, but I am wondering if you have any recommendations for similar glosses to Orangedescence... I am desperate for a replacement but they no longer sell it :(
    Can you help me find a similar gloss?? Thanks! Amy

    1. Hi Amy!
      I rarely use this shade but I think you may find a similar shade of color among the NYX products. My first thought is that you could also Try out majolica majorca lipglosses,But I'm afraid they aren't easily available at the location you are staying in. Do let me know if you can find the shade you love best! And I'll keep a look out to see if they still stock them out in my local MAC store!
      Love, Amanda


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