Saturday, 11 February 2012

I actually love telling random strangers about my life :D

So, this thought cross my mind while showering. If I blog and I shamelessly advertise my blog... Does that make me an attention seeking wh*re? 
I know its a random topic to start off with but seriously now, blogging about my personal life just makes me feel as if people OUGHT to know about what goes on in my life. Somehow, it makes me extremely lonely that when I'm happy or sad, the only thing that I can talk to is my twitter/fb or blog. I mean, yes I have friends but I think they are rather preoccupied with their things. Mr. K got his job to care about and therefore, I am stuck with telling people who are not interested in my current affairs. 
And twitter has always been my best confidante even though everyone who follows me know what is troubling me. This sucks. 
I need a buddy who won't troll me and who will seriously just shut up and listen to me rant and rant. 

And then, I thought about my blog. I love my blog :) Thanks to all the passive readers who don't really leave a comment but still visit my blog everyday. I am sorry I haven't been actively blogging. I guess whenever I am all worked up and whenever the exams are around the corner, I tend to have writer's block.

Alright then, I guess I shall just stop here and start doing my revision on microeconomics.

*awkward and abrupt ending*

Lenses: Super Barbie Nudy Grey. 

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