Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Probably one of those filler post

Ok, so I'm damn tempted to do a haul post with my new CandyDoll item but I'm just too tired to spam pictures of the awesome product. 
So tomorrow! I promise! 

Some updates if you haven't follow me on my twitter~
I gotten a pair of new green lenses by Vassen (they produce I.fairy/Kimchi lenses), CandyDoll lip concealer (My first CandyDoll item) and a new black chiffon maxi skirt! So that about sums out all my hauls that I received through post for now. 
Although that list is expected to grow and I guess I shall have this system where I blog about my hauls and do a mini overview (cosmetics and lenses only).

You know, I'm supposed to be blinging my new iPhone casing and turning it into "The most awesome iPhone casing I have" but my attention is super diverted between blogging/doing random stuff. Like today, I thought I could at least complete like a mini portion (1/8) of the casing but so far, I'm still stuck at blinging the outline of the casing. Damn ._.
But on the other hand, I managed to bake some chocolate muffins for Jovin! Heh 

Usually, I would buy the blueberry muffin mix because they are so damn awesome but this time round, I wanted something different so I got the chocolate muffin batter ^~^

My first batch of muffins in the oven. The first batch were a disaster because they were soggy inside after 40 mins of baking. And I think it has something to do with the fact that my oven has not been used for close to a year :/ 
So no complains there.

Batch #1 muffin. 
They smell awesome! Like famous amos cookies but they are so darn soggy inside so I had to rebake them :/

Batch #2 muffins!
Chiobu muffins! They came out all crispy golden brown and damn awesome looking.
Love die! 
And this batch of muffins are for my Jovin! HEH! 

Ok then.
Shall end here and I'll be back tomorrow with a haul post about my new CandyDoll Lip concealer plus swatches! :D
And I have to head to the hospital tomorrow. Hmm.... 

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