Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Sometimes, Love knocks you down...

I can't help but comment about my lack of discipline to keep to schedules especially when I'm on my laptop. It just seriously sucks when this happens...
Me: Alright then, I shall just go on 9gag for a little bit...
*ten hours later*
Me: Oh f**k this. Homework = not done. Revision = not done.
I wonder if anyone has the same problem as me. And its crazy how I can bear to part with two hours of my precious sleep just to read 9gag.
I know how I haven't been posting about Mr. K and me and also how I haven't even been blogging much lately.
Personal issues. 
Anyway, Mr K has been nagging at me endlessly about how this post should be up so there you go.
I'm pretty much stressed up about everything in my life now. What with the exams coming up and all those other presentations that I have to do. :/

Ok, cut it sweet, short and simple.
Mr. K came to find me at my block the other day before he had to go to work.
He bought me a whole bunch of flowers as an apology but also for an early valentine's day gift.
Which was so sweet of him :)
Thank you!
I'm going to use the pictures of the flowers he took cause the one that I took was... suckish
The flowers are really pretty and they comprise of forget-me-nots, red roses and pink roses. My mum has now grown fond to touching them everyday and telling me "ah girl! I'm going to take your pink roses to turn upside down!" She says that makes the petal stay better. 

Nice hor!
Anyway, gtg now. Revision time. 
Love you!

Amanda Misaki Sea

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