Monday, 27 February 2012

♥ Zoo!

So, I haven't been to the zoo for a hell of a long time. Ever since I was in the primary school...So yea x.x
Anyway, for those who are looking for a place to bring your boyfriend/girlfriend out, can go to the zoo! There is this 1 for 1 offer valid till 29 Feb! *Two more days!*

Just print this out and present it to them while at the ticketing counter :D

I went there with Jovin, my sweetheart ♥ ~
Been the suaku kind, we met up at CCK at 10+ am and set off there cause we wanted to see all the animals and just generally make sure we get our money's worth of sightseeing and fun!
From CCK interchange, just take 927 all the way. It stops at the entrance to the zoo.

Anyway, guess we weren't the only suaku/cheapo people there cause there are tons of people over there... TONS. Bought the ticket and we entered the zoo :)

I have fat chubby cheeks (o'_'o)
Me and Jovin with all the birds! Heh! We have alot of birds!
*private joke*

Generally, we just walk around and make our leg suan! Then through this trip, I found out what Jovin was afraid of. HEH! ♥

Let the pictures do the talking. 

Animals, animals and more animals ♥
I had a really good an awesome time with him and even though there were still tons of animals we haven't seen (crocodile!), and so many other shows we haven't watch, I really did enjoyed myself and I hope he did too.

Oh yea., something funny. 
While passing by the otter's exhibition in the afternoon, me and Jovin baby saw them doing 69. 
Sorry :x Sick-minded girl here.

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