Friday, 16 March 2012

#110: Judgemental

I just realised that this is my #110 post! I would really love to thank those readers who have been with me ever since the very first post of this blog! 
It really warms my heart when I get formspring questions/comments on my post ^~^ Thank you for making my day!

Today's post is about the society as I see it. I have people spamming my twitter timeline with how this or that person is so imperfect, so ugly, so fat, so whatever. But seriously. They have flaws. What about you?
Do you go as far as to say you are so perfect? 
Yes, some people are insecure about the way they look so they hide behind dp that look nothing like themselves (take for example, spongebob as a dp). Or else some people have plastic surgery or photoshop their photos.

Who are we to say that they are fugly? 
Take a look at yourself, are you perfect? Do you have perfect eyesight? Perfect beautiful big eyes? etc.?
The answer is "NO". And if you say yes to said question above, either you are a narcissistic bitch who would fuck yourself if you could or you have a horrible personality that will render you #foreveralone.
Perfection is based on one's ideology. What one person hates, may well be the ideal characteristics that another person wants. 
I love chocolate mint ice cream but I have friends who hate that flavour to the core. Same applies to you and MY ideal of a perfect person.

Someone once asked me: "What about those people who go for plastic surgery? I bet they are ugly bitches" 
That's what you think. Firstly, nobody is perfect. Maybe we are put on this Earth because we are MEANT to find and strive for perfection. To be as best as we possibly could and die without any regrets. I feel insecure about myself. Probably as much as the average girls my age and if I could, I wish I could change some things about my appearance. Don't you?

Some people are brave enough to go for plastic surgery and actually ADMIT that they do it. I admire these people. Not cause they are brave for doing it. I could too. But its because they aren't afraid of the negative criticism that comes with admission. My heart really clenches when I see people comment on a blogger's boob job "Eh. why your neh so small one? you go plastic surgery also don't look like -.-" SERIOUSLY NOW. 
Why is the society so stigmatized by the idea of plastic surgery?
Is it cause it makes one "less natural" and "less human"? 
But if it makes you feel good about yourself, I think it is worth it. What matters most is YOUR own personal opinion. The whole world may look down on you but you can NEVER EVER look down on yourself.

It sucks more to see comments like "Eh. Why are you lesbian ar? You don't suit girls"
Seriously? Liking a girl/guy is your problem? Homosexuality is generally frowned upon. But who are you to say that someone doesn't suit another person? What if I say that your crush/significant other doesn't suit you? How would you feel?

It doesn't matter what age/sex/status of a person is, love transcends all these barriers. As long as you're happy with that person and it generally makes you a better person than you were before, then you are meant for that person. 

Judging a person really shows your maturity level. 
Its worse when you barely know the person and you just stereotype them.
Trust me, you aren't any better than those typical stuck-up bitches in MTV reality shows if you just judge someone without knowing them better.

And trust me, the person being stereotype probably feels suicidal. 
If he/she commits suicide, be ashamed you drove them down that path.
And believe me when I say this. 
Being stereotyped against, hurts. A lot.
Someone once called me a bitch, back stab me and turned all my friends against me. Hell, I felt like killing myself and I had trust issues. I never ever really did trust anyone after having such an encounter.
And yes, I'm insecure. WHY?
Its because of people who judge and who don't let things run through their mind before they say them out. 
These people have brains that are a straight processor. The idiocy just runs out of your mouth before you can even think about the consequences of your words.

I may not be the perfect girl. But neither are you the perfect person.
If judging someone is the way society works, then this society is fucked.

Just a girl who hates seeing fucked up imperfect people commenting on others imperfections.


  1. You should totally include the idea of how IMAGE is so important to everyone in today's society.

    If people stigmatise people who underwent plastic surgery, like maybe XiaXue, then why do these people (some) still like K-pop? Isn't it established that (many) Korean artists undergo loads of PS? Why do we then idolise them and yet stigmatise the former?

    I had this thought only recently, of how PS can change lives of people who actually GOT IN ACCIDENTS that DISFIGURED them. Go ahead and stigmatise them then.

    Life will be much easier if we all just admit of flaws and not trample on each others' weaknesses.

    (Y) Kudos!

  2. Agree to your opinions about how PS doesn't really mean that they are just superficial. Some of them really do need it to make themselves feel better after they have gotten into accident. In fact, it may give them the will to live on. (:


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