Saturday, 3 March 2012

Crazy how things go

I actually wanted to do another one of my poppin cookin posts but I thought I should do a random update/rant because I realized I have not seen my face on my blog for two consecutive post!

Ok, call me vain but I like to look at my own photos! HEH! So, feeling really groggy/tired because I'm virtually stuck at home everyday. I need to find more sources of entertainment rather than scrolling through Facebook/twitter and 9gag all day long. Watching movies is not an option seeing as I'm broke for this month and I have a phone bill of ginormous proportion to pay. So I'm stuck with either watching movies on funshion/sleeping/eating/baking/reading. And I do most of them everyday!

I can't wait for daddy dearest to be back so I have an excuse to make brownies! I mean, true, I can bake almost everyday but seriously now, who is gonna eat all my muffins/cookies/sweet treats? :/

And then I'll get fat and nobody would want me. And then I'll be foreveralone.

Speaking of which, I have finished my iPhone casing and am actually pretty pleased with how it turn out! Seriously!

Chio right? Rhinestones and Chanel Logo are from Sophie and Toffee. Flowers and pearlized ribbon from Beadtle Sweet located on the 3rd floor of Plaza Singapura. I will talk more about Sophie and Toffee in my next post but I can assure you they are just plain awesome!

And now that I'm done with my rant/update, I shall continue to laze around in bed and play games on my iPhone/read 9gag.

Amanda Misaki Sea

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