Thursday, 1 March 2012

Hauls: CandyDoll Lip concealer

As stated yesterday, I will be blogging about my recent hauls for cosmetics.
This time round, I gotten myself a CandyDoll Lip concealer from Gmarket. The seller is also on facebook, Bling Always.
They carry a variety of Japanese cosmetics including the DollyWink Otona series <3

So, this will be my very first CandyDoll product and I hope I won't get disappointed. I tried their lippies on my hand the other time at Watsons, and they are just plain awesome because they can last super long! So if you want to get a long lasting lipstick I would definitely recommend getting the CandyDoll ones.
Bling Always has super affordable prices and I do say that their prices can be compared to ShopOnBlog.
Save some money also good hor! (Singaporean's mentality)

Here is the packaging of the CandyDoll Lip Concealer.
Absolutely adorable isn't it? And it has that Audrey Hepburn kinda feel.

And the thing I love about CandyDoll or Japanese cosmetics in general is that they have this easy to open top like a box.
Seriously now, you won't have to be anxious and ruin a potentially good packaging!
I love how Japanese designed their products so that they are visually appealing. 
I think I would die there if I were to step into one of their stores. 

Sorry, I just had to put this meme :B 

I just love the simplicity of the product and although it is plain, there is this elegance about it.
Somehow :/
I love how classy it looks after a Sepia filter!

No more filter.
Here is the applicator. Its a sponge applicator like those normal lipgloss type and I have to say it is pretty pigmented. 

Please excuse my messy table, I was blinging my iPhone casing.
Can see that the colour is quite similar to my skin tone and it works really well.
I think these are just plain perfect to get Tsu-chan Nudy lips look


So that's about all for the lip concealer and I'll review them in depth after I finally get around to using them.
Abit reluctant since this is my first CandyDoll product and they are expensive to get :/
$20++ depending on where you are getting them from :/

I will be back tomorrow with maybe some new post or rant or something :D
Oh, and did I mention that I am gonna catch "The Lorax" with bby? HEH!
Gotten some tickets proudly sponsored by

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