Sunday, 4 March 2012

Hauls: Diamonds are a girl's best friend

So, I had this crazy urge to just zhng my own iPhone casing again. It seems that every holiday I do this :/
This time round, I'm gonna DIY my very own Chanel inspired casing! Wish me luck!

These are the items I gotten from Sophie and Toffee - an online charms, gems and cabochon shop! They sell these charms at super cheap wholesale price and there is only a minimum order quantity of $10/order which is so easy to hit considering how I wish I could buy everything there!

I opted for registered postage from them because I didn't want my orders to be squashed/lost. 
But seriously, no problem and no worries about orders being damaged. They use a poly mailer (those plastic envelopes that are so darn endurable) and they spam bubble wrap :D 
I had to use my teeth to tear through the bubble wrap! 
And I passed some of the bubble wrap to bby Jovin to play with. HEH! 

The stuff I bought. 
Each of the items were packaged individually in their own little ziplock pack!
I love mini ziplock!
Ok, I admit that the blue green rhinestones were a little bit of an impulse buy but that is ok! 
I can find many uses for those rhinestones!

Bought a new box from Daiso for my rhinestones along with a blinging tool- Pincette.
I swear the tool is damn useful! Can grip the rhinestones tightly and I can put them in their proper position!
These two items can be found in Daiso- Plaza Singapura Branch.
Not sure if other branches have though :/

Didn't had enough compartments so I made my own division using some cardboard.
But sad to say, it didn't work. Oh well.
I love the big compartment where I can put all my cabochon in!
Can see my bling-ed Chanel logo and cabochon from Sophie and Toffee and some flowers I gotten from Beadtle sweet (Plaza Singapura, level 3).

And after many days of procrastinating, I finally made some changes to my intended design and came up with this. 
Elegant, sweet and classy!
I swear I didn't really use all the other rhinestone.
Guess I will save them up for another project.
Border made using alternate 3mm light pink rhinestones with 3mm orange half pearls :3
See the Chanel Logo, I actually intended to let it be bling-ed with blue green jewels and then I had to pry away the jewels with my finger nail because they didn't match the overall theme of the case.

I have to admit, I'm really glad with the cabochon, rhinestones and generally my shopping experience with Sophie and Toffee. I mean, I'm so lazy to actually drag my sorry a** to Beadtle Sweet to get charms and rhinestone (their rhinestone are expensive!). Sophie and Toffee provide excellent service and you can just sit back and wait for your orders to be delivered right to your doorstep/mailbox. 
And their rhinestones aren't those normal type you get at Daiso! These have those cutting like the Swarovski kind! 
Awesome much? 
Now that I have so many rhinestones left, I'm gonna plan out my next DIY project!

Don't wait and go shop for rhinestones to zhng everything! :D

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