Thursday, 8 March 2012

Hauls: Vassen Green Contact lenses

Gotten this pair of pretty green lenses a few days ago but I haven't gotten around to actually writing a haul post about them until now.
So here they are.

These lenses cost me $16 and they are from a random fb blog shop. I will post up the link if anyone needs it (:

I actually splurge on them cause they had a design that was so similar to my DisneyEye blue. And I'm a sucker when it comes to lenses that looks pretty.

My lovely DisneyEye Blue 
Of which I have yet to review. But will get there soon!

And these are the Vassen lookalike of the DisneyEye series!

I decided to get them in green cause I haven't had a green lens since my very first pair of circle lenses (GEO angel green). I was pretty much excited to receive them but was a little bit disappointed when the seller gave me another design of lenses as the design I wanted was oos. Oh well :/

These lenses are Wonder Barbie lenses, Series V3-06 (sounds so...boring). And they are manufactured by Vassen (the same company that manufactures I.fairy/kimchi lenses).

Lens bottle.

I stripped off the labels to show you the lenses more clearly and here they are.
A lovely shade of green.

More detail about Wonder Barbie (V3-06):
55% water content
Manufactured by Vassen, Made in Korea
Base curve: 8.6mm
Diameter: 15mm

After staring at them, I fell in love with them cause they were a pretty shade of green and they would be my first pair of circle lenses without the black ring like most circle lenses have. This means that the Colour would look more natural in your eyes!
*big smile*

I would be doing a review on them once I have opened them up.
(Gosh I'm so lazy to do lens review, lashes review and cosmetic review).

Anyway, I have gotten around to using the Candydoll lip concealer that I hauled from awhile back. Review will be up ASAP! Do stay tuned to it and do read my blog everyday!

Amanda Misaki Sea


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  1. Amanda,
    The pictures you posted are very clear and they also very helpful for the people who prefer for Contact Lenses especially green and blue.


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