Tuesday, 13 March 2012

LOTD: Something Casual

You know how sometimes, you are just so plain lazy to wear really nice clothes even if you're going out to town?
And sometimes, your hair just won't listen and you miraculously start cosplaying Sailor Moon's hair?
Yeap. That's how it was a few days back. 
My hair decided it liked being centre parted so no matter how many times I run a comb through my bangs, it remain instinctively sailor moon-ish.
To top it off, I was rushing for time and went out without eyelashes and extensions.
I swear I cannot live without these two items anymore. Even my mum says my eyes look pathetically smaller without them.

As usual, I had to bring along my leopard printed specs because they are just gorgeously awesome.
And to top it off, I had my leopard printed clutch to give it the whole "tumblr" feeling.

Look extremely cui so I decided to just put a giant heart for a face :D
Nicer isn't it.
Basically, that's what I wore out. 
Its nice, but I wish I didn't have crap makeup, and even crappier hair which refused to listen to me.
Gosh, who is supposed to be your mama? 

So, as usual, girls being girls, when we see a mirror, we camwhore.
A closer look at the coordinates for today.
And yes, this is a dressing room. 
Problem? >:D

To show you how badly fucked my hair was, here's a picture.
Hair running all over the place and being bushy, limpy and generally dead looking.
I need a new hair cut.
A new hair serum.
A new hair caring routine.
Anything is ok.


Fucked hair won't stop me from camwhoring!
The top I tried but didn't buy cause I'm short of cash :D
Yes, I have fat arms.
And I blame the school holidays.

Amanda Misaki Sea

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