Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Mini post of posts to come

I was out all day and only managed to reach home at about 11:11pm with bby Jovin.
We went to catch the premier of The Lorax in 3D which will be officially showing on 8 March!
Do catch it then!

A detailed post and review of the movie will be up within these few days so stay tuned!
Cause I swear this movie is damn cute!

Ok, so enough of the fan-girling.
A new candy review will be up later on
Been so long since I have done a review and yes, I have to admit this time round, my candy came out...
slightly more presentable :D


Recent hauls that I never regretted:
Leopard printed clutch

The leopard printed part of the clutch is furry..
If I get comments/formspring question regarding this lovely, I will do a mini haul post for it :>

Ok, ending off now cause Jovin is nagging at me. 
And I'm tired :<

Anyway, what do you think of my new blog layout?
Leave a comment/tag/formspring comment ^~^


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