Friday, 9 March 2012

Review: Super Barbie Nudy Grey

I have been way lazy with my contact lens review. And I keep opening new ones and just forget about them. I feel evil but sometimes, I just favor a few pairs cause they make my eyes look really pretty compared to others.

So, I have decided not to open anymore until they have sufficiently expire and/or hurt my eyes likea bitch.

Today's review is one of my favorite pair of lenses- Super Barbie Nudy Grey. This was hauled a while back and I didn't manage to take a picture of them in their vials but here they are in the lens casing.

In case you haven't noticed, I'm super apprehensive about trying Nudy lenses cause I have super dark irises and I am afraid the lenses will make my eyes look like I, quoted from a good friend, "got eye cancer". So, didn't bought any till this pair!

And now, I'm hooked on them. I have bought the Nudy series in colors such as pink, blue, brown and will get around to reviewing them..eventually.

Now, here are the lenses on myself.

These are the lenses under normal room lighting.
Colour is slightly obvious in the pictures and is even more obvious in life.

These are the lenses under flash/sunlight
A more obvious shade of grey that is subtle yet not too overwhelming.
(I just love my eyes! Anyone needs contact lens model? :B )

As you can see, the pattern is really...*speechless* pretty. It makes me look like those puppy with those sad eyes.

In summary, the Super Barbie Nudy grey lenses:

Comfort: 8/10 *pretty much awesome but I.fairy feels more..watery*

Enlargement: 8/10 *this make my eyes feel bigger than the other Super Barbie lenses I owned, but maybe it's just me*

Price: 10/10 *bought them at $10/pair! LOL*

Colour: 7/10 *Colour is obvious but not do much as the ash gray that I've owned*

Re-purchase? : Definitely 

Recommended: if you are dying to try Nudy lenses but have dark irises, try this one first. You'll fall in love with it :)

Lens detail:
62% Polyhema, 38% water
Made in Korea
Base Curve: 8.8mm
Diameter: 14.5mm (according to lens bottle)
Enlargement looks like it is 16mm though, and it is advertised as 16mm lenses.

And as usual, I had to camwhore with them. Pictures were taken back in my Granny house! :D

Retarded face :B
Hope you guys get nightmare, can't sleep and spam read my blog!

Shall end off this post with an eyeless smiley photo of myself.
I hope you enjoy this review as much as I enjoy blogging this.
What do you think of my new presentation for review? Do lemme know thru the comments or formspring!
Until next time!

Much love and many kisses,
Amanda Misaki Sea


  1. your eyes actually look blueish with the lens :D

  2. I've never purchased circle lenses before, but after reading this review I'm pretty much convinced I need to buy these ones. They look so cute on you and stand out just enough without being too overwhelming. Thanks! :D

    1. Thanks! ^~^ they are very comfortable~

    2. Awesome, I am so excited to get them!


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