Thursday, 8 March 2012

Sponsored Review: The Lorax (3D)

Today's post is about the premier of The Lorax that I went to on Monday, 5 March.
I remember watching "This means war" with Jovin bby and told him that I wanted to watch "The Lorax" because it seems so adorable! :D
So I was extremely pleased when I gotten a pair of ticket to the premier, proudly sponsored by

So I asked bby to come along with me :D
I don't think I was the only blogger who dragged along their boyf :B
The premier was at Shaw Theatres Lido and I collected the tickets from a table set up at a corner near the escalator.

The postcard attached to the tickets is superbly adorable isn't it?!
Seats B-9 and B-10.
At first, I thought we were seating waaaay in front and I was like
"Oh sian. My neck..."
Turns out we were seating at the last two rows :D

We were supposed to print out these moustache like the one the Lorax had!
So I printed them out and had bby take picture with them!
Haha! I feel like an evil gf la!
But he is so cute hor! <3

Me and him on that day!
I probably look so lian--ish with my pink lenses :D

And this movie is just plain awesome. 
I don't know what to say la!
I mean its like those "Care for the environment!" kind of show but it is heart-warming and I was squealing about how adorable the characters were!

So, you know The Lorax is the orange guy with the big bushy moustache. 
Well, what about these other adorable characters?

The cute and adorable small bear who always always get into trouble, one of many singing fishy and a small duckling who love to follow the bears everywhere they go!
Adorable right?
I practically squeezed Jovin's arm until I cut off his blood circulation just cause they appeared on the screen...

More of the cast.
I love the fishies.
I think I can be the president of the singing fishes fan club!

So there you have it!
Well, I don't want to spoil the story so here's the singlish version of the movie in a nutshell:

The guy want to jio the girl. The girl loveeeees trees but there aren't any more trees where they live.
So, the guy decides to find the mysterious Once-ler who might be able to tell him where to get a tree.
The Once-ler starts to tell stories of how he single-handedly wipe out all the trees in the region and how he regrets his action.
Add in the bad guy (who looks like Snape.. Really!) and two big fat bodyguard and you get a whole exciting movie that makes you laugh and maybe even tear a teensy weensy bit.

Here's the trailer:

And this movie was made by the creators of Despicable me!
Heh! Speaking of which, Despicable me 2 trailer is out and I wonder how many of you already watched it on Facebook.

I really recommend this movie as I think its just a movie that everyone will love no matter how old or how emo-nemo you are! :D

Watch it with your love one or watch it with your kids!
Don't miss it okay?!

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