Friday, 27 April 2012

#121; Recent Hauls: All things pretty

Its a sad thing that I haven't really been blogging consistently because the classes (tutorials and lectures) have officially started. One of my resolutions for my blog (I set resolutions for my blog monthly) was to blog more and blog at least thrice a week but I haven't really been keeping to the resolutions.

I procrastinate. A lot.
In fact, I wanted to do a haul post since two weeks back but I'm always telling myself. It can wait. Or, my parcel is coming tomorrow. Might as well wait right?
And then I delay another week and end up never ever blogging about them. If the stuff I bought are lucky, they might make a few appearances on my blog and then disappear into obscurity again. So I decided, enough was enough!
Here's a haul post and a detailed descriptions of where you can get them and how much they are.
I like to think that I'm an awesome budget queen because I like to scrimp and save on the little dollars and cents so I hope that the prices that I bought my item for is the cheapest around.
It would devastate me if that wasn't the case !(◎_◎;) Anyway, even if it isn't the case, do hit me up with awesome blogshop links from A-Z and who knows, I might do a mini review on them! (^∇^)

Cut the crap, here is the hauls I gotten this past few...weeks?

Dollywink lashes! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
I'm obsessed with Dollywink and Candydoll products recently. Speaking of which, I shall stop procrastinating and actually get around to doing my lashes and makeup review.

Dollywink No. 6 lower lashes; Baby Cute
$21.90 from ShopOnBlog
I always wanted to get these cause they are just so damn adorable and happy to say, I finally gotten them!
Abit pricey but I guess its worth it if wearing it would make you look tons prettier! ( *`ω´)

Dollywink No. 1 lashes; Dolly Sweet
$8.50 (One side only) from Vivi Istore
I gotten this pair to try out the quality of Dollywink lashes and am now able to say that, these are my favourite lashes due to their comfort and their versatility. I shall blog about them real soon ^~^

Canmake lashes
$9.90/box from Watsons
First box is an impulse buy which I haven't even use (the upper lashes No. 003) the other one (lower lashes), I'm utterly disappointed. 

Lower lashes no. 21 really disappointed me till no end. 
I admit I am abit "chor lor" (rough) but this lashes were really fragile. They became this state in one wear.
Just one wear for $9.90?! 
Totally not worth ψ(`∇´)ψ
Guess that's why you pay for quality. But $9.90 isn't really a small sum 

Ardell Brow&Lash Growth Accelerator
$9 from Smoochiezz
I'm not sure if this works cause I am a night owl and have very little hours of sleep and sometimes I'm so tired, I can't be bothered, but I will try to do a review of this ;>

Pocky Strawberry Heart Shape Biscuit
$2.40 from Watsons
I always wanted to lay my hands on this ever since Emmy-san made a review about this! ♪( ´▽`)
Found them in Watsons for $2.40 (Three packets in them)
I gave one pack to Chubby Cheeks and he say (his words) "The taste is like if you don't eat you'll regret"
So yeah! 

Easter eggs from a giveaway! :D
Hehe! Late Easter present yo

China Glaze; Instant Chemistry
$11 from Smoochiezz
I really don't know if this really work cause I tried it out today with my fridge magnet and no patterns so far.(◎_◎;)
Maybe my magnet is weak, or maybe I just need to buy the magnet that China Glaze come up with (which is friggin' expensive. It is the same price as the nail polish itself)

Some I.fairy and Kimchi lenses to add on to my extensive collection!
$21 for both

Kimchi Bambi Green 
Gotten this cause I wasn't expecting Uniqso to send me a pair of GEO Bambi Green to review (review will be up in a few days time along with discount coupon!)
Lovin' the shade of green

I.fairy Super Crystal Gray
$11 from Bibi CandyLens
I always wanted to get the Super Crystal series after reading some reviews about them!  (´Д` )

Alright, that ends up the hauls I gotten over a period of time. 
I hope you enjoy reading this post and hope the links attached will help you guys get some discount on the actual (more expensive) retail price.
I will be back soon with a lens review so do stay tuned for that! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Amanda Misaki Sea
P.S; I have taken up Spanish and guess what's my Spanish name? Fabiola.
"Hola! Buenas Noches! Yo me llamo Fabiola!"

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