Sunday, 29 April 2012

#122; Love, Trust, Faith

I don't know what is exactly wrong with my body nowadays. 
Maybe its the fact that I am slightly allergic to studying (crappy excuses) but every time its the weekend and I spend a day with my books (or in this case my laptop, a lecture pad and a bunch of colourful pens), my nose immediately starts doing "Running man" episodes all by its own.

So stuck at home, there was nothing exactly fascinating to blog about. Therefore, I shall introduce my amazing Tumblr to you readers. A few months back, I set up this Tumblr together with chubby cheeks cause we love photography. And because we just wanted a place to dump all the chio photographs without having the need for words and captions to say about them. In fact, I invariably gotten a bit addicted and high to posting photos on tumblr and I never thought I could take so many "Chio" photographs with just a iPhone camera. 

In fact, the reblogs and the likes spur my interest on photography and I now regret not having taken up photography art as an elective module (I took Japanese and am stuck with weekly test about my"shigoto", "shumi" and "ucchi"). But I was a sucker to all things Japanese so I shouldn't digress on that topic. 

Cut the crap, here are photos that I took and are available for reblog on my tumblr: 24th-Love

All these photos are taken by me, please credit if you want to use them in your blog/elsewhere! ψ(`∇´)ψ

Sorry for the photospam (´Д` )
These photos are all taken by using iPhone camera. Say what you like but I think my iPhone camera is waaay better than the crappy camera I have and my DSLR is too bulky to tote around although it would thrill chubby cheeks to bits if I did.

Jovin's photo;

That's about all for now. 
If you want more pretty and nice photos, follow us on tumblr @ 24th-love
( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Till next time! Will be back in two days with a new post! My advertorial's gonna be late ><
Sumimasen! !(◎_◎;) 


  1. Pretty photos! o:
    But you should totally watermark or put credit on the photo itself (:

    1. Thank you ^^ Will note on that point ><
      But Usually I'm too lazy to watermark them as I upload them straight from my iPhone to tumblr :D


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