Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Advertorial: The Fluffy Pixies

Someone once asked me, "Which part of you, are you most proud and confident of?"
I had to reply, "My eyes"
And yes, my eyes are the only part of myself that I feel is the most perfect (next to my sparkling personality of course *bhb much*)

So, it comes as no surprise that contact lenses are a MUST when I go out. Even when its just down to my local convenience store, I MUST wear my circle lenses. 
Without them, I "mei you lian jian ren" (Direct translation: No face meet people).

And I know how upset some girls and guys are (Guys who wear circle lenses. MAJOR TURN ON) about the recent import restrictions on contact lenses. Face it people, optical shop lenses are definitely NOT  pretty enough/enlarge your pupils.

So today, I shall be your savior and introduce you to this blogshop, The Fluffy Pixies selling Super Barbie/Luxury Babe/Kimchi and I.Fairy lenses :D

Here are some lenses that I absolutely adore!

I.Fairy Cara series are so chio!
I absolutely adore the New series of I.Fairy! And guess what?!

Prefer the old series?
The Fluffy Pixies carry them too!

My favorite! 
Cause the colour is super obvious and really pretty!
The brown one is a MUST-BUY!

And I love Kimchi Bambi Green! So chio!

Wanna get brands like Super Barbie and Luxury Babe?

My favourite series in Super Barbie!
So far, I have Super Barbie Nudy Grey, pink, blue and brown~

Super Barbie Nudy Gray :>

I really love luxury babe lenses!

The gray ones really appeal to me because the model look so chio *blushes*

Now, four reasons to shop with The Fluffy Pixies?

1) They send in orders every Monday and collection of lenses would be done on every Friday/Saturday!
Short waiting time!
2) Wholesale price is available if you're gonna buy 5 pairs of more of the same brand! This is especially good if you buy in bulks (like me :x) or if you're a blogshop owner! Do contact them for better prices if you're buying a lot!
3) The owner of The Fluffy Pixies can assure you that the lenses are authentic and comfortable as she has worn them herself!
4) There is an ONGOING PROMOTION! Just share them on Facebook/Twitter and Screenshot it and you are entitled to $0.50 off EACH lens purchase.
Read that?! EACH LENS not Total purchases. 

Tempted yet?
Go visit them now!

End off this post with a photo of me in my current favourite circle lenses: I.Fairy Tofi Blue

Amanda Misaki Sea


  1. ahh i've never worn lens before TT so tempted ~

    1. You can try it out ^~^
      And the Owner does meet up so I think she is friendly enough to teach you how to wear :D


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