Sunday, 8 April 2012

Easter Sunday?

So Easter day was supposed to be today. Which meant Easter eggs! :D
And I was reminiscing about how I used to paint eggshells with tons of different colours because of today :)
So being the lazy teenager that I have become now, I just bought some chocolate Easter eggs and decided that this year, there would be no egg painting session.

I gotten a pack of Japanese Easter egg candy things, which were really pretty and darn well delicious too. There were all this mini candies inside the egg and each egg had a different filling! Y-U-M-M-Y!

Being the adorable *cough* girlfriend that I was, I bought a pack for baby and wrote a letter and put it in this nice little paper bag thing.

Passed it to him during our little ice skating trip <3 
*Blog post coming up real soon*

And then, Mummy brought us to Vivo on Good Friday. (And ate good dessert than made me so happy.)

Being the suaku I was, *pretty good considering I'm not christian* I thought Good Friday was the actual Easter day. 
We happened to pass by The Cocoa Tree and gotten this pack of mock "Kinder Surprise" eggs.
I swear, I was dying to eat Kinder Surprise because now, all the eggs are replaced by those fake Kinder Joy thing which I actually love-hate. 
(I love chocolate but really now, I have kinder joy. Its so...unoriginal)

So when I saw this, I was damn right certain I had to get it!

It is a mock "Kinder Surprise" X Winnie The Pooh!
Gosh! I love that bear!

There were three chocolate eggs inside and we decided to stick to at least one of our tradition.
Mummy hid two eggs for sister and me while me and sister hid the last egg.
Then we started searching for them.
Sister found her eggs first. Unfortunately, I'm the last one to finally find my egg :<
Which meant, my egg was a little melted and it had a dent *whines*

The eggs were half dark chocolate and half milk chocolate (Y)

And here's the toy that I gotten.
I was praying damn hard I didn't get Tigger because I didn't like the character :/
Sorry for being biased!

I gotten Piglet! 
And I could have gotten those other characters too!

All in all, it was a really nice Easter day and I wish I could have spend it with Sea Hum (My nickname for baby) instead. Cause then, I'm so damn sure he wouldn't be able to find the eggs that I hide
*evil laughter*

I'm sorry I wasn't able to post anything for the longest time!
I will be back with more posts now that I have a new laptop and tons of time to spare.

Amanda Misaki Sea

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