Tuesday, 17 April 2012

First Week of school... So far

Haven't really been blogging/updating much since I started school. So this is just my thought on the lessons I have so far. Monday was declared IS day. Which means there were all these enrichment classes to make us a more value-added student (sounds like some McDonalds Happy Meal hor).
This semester, I was in some classes that focused on the "User-centricity" (OMG I REMEMBERED) of a product and how it caters to its specific user. And I chose an IS module of my own BCJ- Basic Conversational Japanese so I can now speaketh a little Japanese!

Singapore in Japanese. Sorry but I have to be bhb and say... "I write likea true born Japanese!"
I knew it!
Naw, just kidding. My two aunts learn Japanese. Which explains why everytime someone says sorry to me, I have to watch my tongue... I would almost always unconsciously say "Daijyoubu~"
This semester, I signed up for Japanese and Spanish so very soon, I'll be spouting tons of Japanese and Spanish phrases.
My goals for this two course would be to pass. And be able to speaketh fluent Japanese (enough so that I can travel with Chubby Cheeks to Nihon!) and Spanish (so I can travel Europe with Chubby Cheeks and save money on a translator!~)

Tuesday lesson was BCOMMS. Business communications and I was praying like mad that my teacher won't be a horrible b**ch and fail me for this module. And lo and behold, my teacher is a nice lady who loves watching Korean Drama! *screams*

That's about all. I bought like tons of new stuff for the new school semester and I'm looking forward to receiving a few more stuff before posting a haul post :>
Do stay tuned for it!

Amanda Misaki Sea

P.S: My resolution for this month (April) is to hit 17k view xD
and...to blog more! 

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