Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Pictures of you, pictures of me

Ok, So this blog post is waaaaaaaay overdued and if I were to remember and type everything here, I think I would most likely have a ten page long essay *with pictures included of course* ...
Went out on a few dates with Chubby Cheeks. It seems that every week I meet him twice (Y)
Either for movies or he stay over for the night. 

And here are the photospam! 
I love photo spam!

Taken when we were out for "The Lorax" Movie premier sponsored by
Awesome movie and I did a movie review here~

Then he came over to my house for a stay over and we watch The Walking Dead!
Speaking of which, I have almost finished the whole season 2 and am now waiting impatiently...For season 3.
*le sigh* 
My life feels...Different without it... 

Taken on the bus home after watching John Carter at Cathay Cineleisure.
Now, chubby cheeks can never stop going "barsoom" and "John carter" at me.
And the idiot pointed at this annoying pimple scar that I have and said "Barsoom" 

We went to Bugis during our first monthsary~
Watch the Woman in black and I just about held his arms so tight I think I gave him a blue black
HEH! Gomen ne~
Went to take Neoprints :x
Here is just one of the photo and I am not oblige to putting all of them up..
Just cause its private :x
And cause the Neoprint booth was so well lighted, I HAD TO TAKE ALL THE PICTURES INSIDE. 

I have a stupid smile la. But yea whatever.
Last picture was a candid shot when he fell asleep on my shoulders during the bus ride back to home~
Cute die hor!
I'm posting this as a revenge for calling my pimple scar "Barsoom" 
NB! :@

Days that we don't meet, we skype!
And webcamming him is a very very funny affair :D
Somehow, he feels tempted to do all kinds of stupid things in front of the camera to make me laugh and I will always SS everything.
I still have tons of SS.


Taken at Jcube by his friend, Jun Liang.
WAAA Jun Liang hair = awesome.
No pictures but its awesomely red.

Haha, I shall not say how Chubby Cheeks was on the ice but I can tell you that I laughed a lot.
And I can finally go through one trip of Ice Skating without falling for more than three times :D
I wish I can go again! :D

Ok, that is about all the photos and stuff that I wanted to blog about if it wasn't for my spoiled laptop.

Some narcissistic photos :>

Alright till the next post.
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*I feel guilty*

Amanda Misaki Sea


  1. faster hit 50, I wanna get something from you ^_^

  2. Bigger chance to reach 50 likes if you let people know what is it you're giving away. Otherwise you risk disappointing them when expectation does not meet reality.


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