Monday, 9 April 2012

Review: GEO Angel Green

I don't know why but I hate my old style of reviewing lenses which just focus on photo spammage of me with lenses. So I shall redo/do all my lens review in the way of the recent Super Barbie nudy gray lens review.

Today's review is about a pair of lenses I rarely wear and I am on the verge of throwing away. It's the GEO angel green series. It's not that I hate the lenses but it's just....small.
Compare them to my other lovelies and it looks pathetically small and it doesn't feel that "satisfying" (I LOVE BIG EYES! ヽ(◎_◎) !)

So here they are. I gotten them back in 2011 if I remembered correctly. But haven't been using them until a few months back. Only wore them for a few times and I couldn't stand how small my eyes were. Oh well. I remembered that GEO Angel Green were my first ever circle lenses and I thought it make my eyes look huge! Now I.fairy, Kimchi and super Barbie lenses are all the rage! (They still are!)

Lenses on my eyes in room lighting:

Lenses on my eyes under flash/bright lighting:

Lens in one eye and no lens in the other, for comparison of enlargement (yes, I know my pupils are ridiculously small) :

GEO Angel Green lenses information:
62% Phema, 38% Water
Base Curve: 8.60mm
Diameter: 14.0mm
Made in Korea, Manufactured by GEO Medical

In summary, here's my take on the GEO Angel Green contact lenses:

Colour: {3/10}
Colour isn't crazily obvious on my eyes and flash photography/very harsh bright lighting is needed to show off the green in it. The Colour is pretty on the lenses themselves but yea...

Design: {4/10}
Angel series design were all the rage last time. They had angel series design in EOS lenses and there are still a few brands that carries those design (Super Barbie and luxury babe lenses). It's actually pretty and blend well in the eyes. I just wish the Colour was more obvious :/

Enlargement: {2/10}
I think I'm biased here. Enlargement is pretty normal for a 14mm lenses but compared to my I.fairy and super Barbie lenses, these lenses are so small. Oh well! First Time user of circle lenses will love the enlargement this pair of lenses bring you :) it isn't that big that you look like an alien.

Price: {10/10}
Bought this pair at $9/pair from a spree :) for a yearly lenses, it comes as a good deal. You don't see GEO lenses much anymore as there are newer and much better brands in the market. Example, I.fairy, kimchi, luxury babe, etc.

Comfort: {6/10}
Being only of 38% water content, my eyes get slightly tired and red after 6 hours of usage. But maybe it's just me. Eye drops are recommended if you're gonna wear the lenses for a really long period of time.

Re-purchase: Nope. Small enlargement and not obvious Colour makes this lenses a no.

Recommended if: you're a student trying out lenses for the first time and you're gonna wear it to school. The Colour isn't obvious so you can still wear them without getting caught~

So that's about it, I know my blog posts are crazily overdued cause my laptop broke down and I lost the external charger to my other laptop :/

I will be blogging more this few days/weeks! I promise!

Amanda Misaki Sea

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