Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Sponsored Review; Luxury Babe 03 in Gray

So remember the advertorial about that awesome blogshop where you can get safe and authentic lenses at an affordable price and a super short waiting time?
If you haven't read it yet, read the advertorial here :D

The owner of The Fluffy Pixies was nice enough to sponsor me a pair of Luxury Babe 03 lenses in Gray to review. Now, a little information about Luxury Babe lenses. This brand was newly launched and is a "sister brand" to Super Barbie lenses. However, there was a lot of rave about this brand due to its comfort level and to its color.

So I decided to hop on the bandwagon and get a pair for myself. I have already gotten a pair of Luxury Babe 04 lenses in Blue from a spree but have yet to try it so I was so excited when opening the vials to my pretty gray lenses.

Chio packaging that the lenses come in :o

The vials with the lenses. Somehow, the golden rim on top make the brand seems more "luxurious" and classy. Totally explains why its called luxury babe.

The lenses in the vial. (Yes, my degree is so high that I'm practically blind)
The colour is mad obvious and pretty. 
It actually reminds me of the intensity of I.Fairy Dolly+ gray :/

Here are the lenses under room lighting. I solemnly swear that this picture does not do the lenses justice.
The lenses are waaaaaay more obvious in real life and they definitely make you look...
*le floats*

The lenses under harsh fluorescent lighting/flash.
Now, the colour of the lenses in normal room lighting is close to this colour (abit darker).
Under harsh lighting, the colour and the pattern of the lenses is more obvious than ever!
I really adore these lenses.

Close up shot with flash. My eyes were blinded by my flash :/

In summary, the Luxury Babe 03 lenses in Gray will get a score of:

Comfort: 10/10 *By far the most comfortable lenses out in the market. I am really a big fan of Luxury babe now. Boyffie is also wearing Luxury Babe lenses and he says they are super comfy. I think the comfort has to do with the thinness of the lens. These lenses are super thin!*

Enlargement: 7/10 *The lens bottle state that the diameter is 17mm but the enlargement is more like a 15mm lens. Anyway, it gives just the right amount of enlargement to make your eyes look SMEXY!*

Price: 10/10 *At $14 these lenses are worth it! Due to its comfort level and the high quality feel to the lens*

Colour: 10/10 *These...are my favourite pair of gray lenses now. I swear the colour is so obvious. And yet not too overly scary that you look like some monster.*

Re-purchase? : Definitely 
In fact, I'm thinking of trying out the Luxury Babe 04 in brown!

Recommended: If you want a cheaper alternative to i.fairy dolly+ series (This series has more colours!) and if you want a lens with a natural enough enlargement without looking overly alien-insect like.

Lens information:
Center Thickness: 0.04mm (no wonder so comfy)
Base curve: 8.6mm
Water Content: 45%
Diameter: 17.0mm

Now as always, some camwhore shots to end the post.

I feel so lolita-ish in this shot cause of my lacy dress and my dolly lashes!

Ok that's all for now!

Tempted to get dolly looking like eyes?
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Amanda Misaki Sea


  1. Hi sweet review! My sister just purchased this recently, and I love how it is noticeable on the eyes yet not too scary. I've also seen blue and it's the most vibrant among all colours. Brown is a bit 'turn off' though, in fact I think Pink appears much better than brown. I do not own those lenses I mentioned, but my sister owned them, thus I can tell :-)

    1. I actually thought the brown is nice! The grey looks really pretty and I might get them! Thank you for the recommendations! ^~^


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