Tuesday, 1 May 2012

#124; Sponsored Review: GEO Bambi Green Lenses

A few days back, I received a parcel from Uniqso with a pair of gorgeous new lenses! (^∇^)
Gosh, was I so excited to review them and you'll know why!

The lenses came in a pretty little box that captured my attention and appealed to my inner child.
I really love bear bears :x

The back of the box has their website on it ^~^

The lenses I was sponsored was the Princess mimi lenses in Apple Green ♪( ´▽`)
These lenses have been on my wishlist and I have been dying to lay my hands on them. It really is a pity that most online shops do not have them in degrees. So I was extremely happy when I heard that Uniqso has them in plano and in degrees! 

I really love the princess mimi bottles as they are so visually appealing unlike the normal GEO bottles.

The lenses inside the vials. It is a pretty shade of green like the current colour of my room.
And below is the lenses in the cute lens casing as provided by Uniqso along with the lenses ( *`ω´)

Aren't they pretty?!
Do you notice the yellow-orangey center? It helps the lenses blend in with your natural eye colour creating a kind of "halo-ey" effect.
Explains why so many brands of lenses (Kimchi Bambi, EOS Bambi series, Super barbie Bambi) have taken to producing a similar designs like the GEO's. 

And here are the lenses under normal lighting. 
There is a distinct hint of green colour that is much lighter at the edge. I really love them! 
My eyes looks so...charming. 
Even boyffie told me that he loves my eyes! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Lenses with flash/harsh lighting.
Sumimasen!My makeup was more or less screwed during the time this photo was taken. Oh well.  (´Д` )
A warm shade of green that isn't overly spooky/scary .
(Or as my mum like to call it: "Ah-piao feeling")

In summary, the GEO Princess Mimi lenses in Apple Green will score;

Comfort; 9/10
No problem with dryness/redness of eyes even after 8 consecutive hours of wearing. These lenses are really comfortable! I used to have a pair of GEO Princess Mimi lenses in Brown (bought from an online FB shop, her shop has ceased operations) that irritated my eyes and cause me to have a major eye infection. So after that incident, I only buy from shops that are reputable and guess what? Uniqso's GEO lenses have authenticity stickers to ensure that their products are the real deal! Below is a screenshot proving so!

Price; 9/10
Right now, you are paying for authenticity (I learned my lesson ;x ) and comfort. For the price set by Uniqso, I think you scored yourself a pretty good deal! Furthermore, factor in the fact that GEO Princess Mimi in Apple Green (with degrees) are virtually impossible to find. These lenses are waaay affordable.

Colour; 10/10
I really love the colour. Nuff said.
I was afraid that the green would be overly striking and that it would be so abnormal for everyday use and I am pleasantly surprised that the colour would turn up so prettily on my eyes (Dark irises, FML)

Enlargement; 10/10
Advertised as 15mm, these lenses have an enlargement that is comparable to Super Barbie 16mm lenses. No qualms about enlargement! Natural-looking enough!  ( *`ω´) 

Definitely! In fact, I might get the ones in brown again! This time, no worries that they would hurt my eyes because Uniqso lenses are 100% authentic. 

Customer Service; 10/10
They are extremely friendly! I really love sellers who reply my emails with efficiency and sellers who include smileys in my email. It makes me feel less alienated and happy to say that shopping at Uniqso will put a smile on your face because of the excellent customer service that they offer!

Lens information;
Base curve: 8.70mm
Diameter: 15mm
Water Content: 38%

Now for some camwhore shots taken today ♪( ´▽`)

Alright shall end this post. 
Once again, I would love to thank Uniqso for sponsoring me a pair of their lovely lenses as well as giving me this opportunity to review my dream lenses! 
Love my lenses, buy them at 10% off from Uniqso
Just quote "AS10" :D

Prefer brown lenses? Why not try their other brands, they have a total of 12 brands for you to choose from, you will be spoiled for choice!

My favourite brown lenses *le craves*
Beuberry- Kitten Eyes Brown (absolutely love them!)
Picture from Uniqso

Favourite gray lenses

How I wish I can apply my own code at the Checkout. LOL.
Okay that's all for now ^~^

Amanda Misaki Sea

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