Saturday, 5 May 2012

#125; Birthday Hauls! ♪( ´▽`)

So 3 May was my birthday! And I want to use this post to thank all the well-wishers and all the good friends who remembered my birthday. Somehow, I was expecting three of my closest secondary school friends to say something to me but I guess they forgotten all about me (even on fb). #foreveralone  (´Д` )

All in all, this year's birthday celebration was small scale although 18 is a landmark for me. I can watch M18 movies now! So after my Spanish classes, which ended at 8pm, mummy and daddy drove me to BPP (Bukit Panjang Plaza) and we headed over to Jack's Place to nom.

Daddy's prawn and chicken dish  ♪( ´▽`)
It was the first dish to come so I snap a picture of it before stealing some wedges from him! 
And then, a tide of dishes came and I only managed to snap my dish 

My cutlet with tomato and cheese. I felt extremely fat and bloated after this.
And yes, I didn't finish my fries. Again. ψ(`∇´)ψ
Boyffie always whine about how I am wasting food by not eating all the fries given to me in McDonald but I'm seriously full after the main course 

And after having dinner together, fam fam headed home and had cake! Thanks Claudine and JiaYing for the cake (^∇^)
No picture cause daddy was busy using his cammy to spam picture while I was freaking out about the melting candles.

And then, present time! My favorite time of the whole day!

Present from Claudine and JiaYing dearest!
A cute little bear bear with flowers in a ceramic pot! Now I have plants in my room! 
*ahem, fake plants*

Ee Joo came over a day before my birthday and handed me a small little parcel filled with mini goodies!
Although we aren't close anymore due to some stuff, I am really glad that she remembered and guess what, she handmade the rilakkuma bear charm! *warm warm heart*
Do check out her blog at: Rainbow Sashimi
She handmade lots of stuff and her YouTube channel teaches you how to play with those Japanese Candy Kits, Poppin Cookin.

A new collection to my Rilakkumas. 
Boyffie decided to name this cutie, Mr.Orgasm !(◎_◎;) *ahem, because of his face*
He kept laughing when I showed him the bear.

Present from Sister.
As always, she gotten me makeup!

Really love what she gotten me! I was so damn tempted to get the new CandyDoll lipglosses from Watsons especially the red ones but I guess I don't need it now cause this shade of red is so similar to the CandyDoll ones!
And it comes in mini sizes, just perfect for me to tote around in my rilakkuma pouch. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Mummy gotten me Calvin Klein; Summer.
I really love the smell. Reminds me of pears and apples. LOL.
Now I can smell like fruits when I go out on dates with boyffie ( *`ω´)

Daddy gave me a box of Royce Chocolate! Really tasty!
And a big ang pow :x

And some hauls of mine that came during the birthday week!
I.fairy Super Crystal Brown and Luxury Babe 17 in Brown!
I.fairy Super Crystal series was on my wishlist and I decided to get it after a long long time of debating. Luxury babe 17 was cause Miyake wore them and I'm a sucker for all things she has. 

Super Crystal Brown. ψ(`∇´)ψ
I really hope it turns out all pretty on me.

Luxury Babe 17
gotten from TheFluffyPixies
This is similar to Super Barbie Puffy series although I think the luxury line colour is more obvious!

That's all I gotten for now!
I'm still waiting for my pressie from Boyffie! Nyahahahaha! ( *`ω´) 


  1. have you done any reviews on the Luxury Babe 17? I wish to see how it may appear on the eyes :)

    1. Nope >< not at the moment. But you can google "Super Barbie puffy series" It looks exactly like that :) My boyfriend is wearing them though and the colour is hazelly brown and quite natural looking :)


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