Sunday, 6 May 2012

#126; Swatches for Makeup forever mini lipglosses

Remember my birthday hauls and how I have gotten this cute little set of lipglosses from Makeup forever?
By the way, Makeup Forever is a brand that can be found in Sephora!
I was randomly browsing around Sephora @ Takashimaya looking for a Mother's day present when I found this brand. Sorry for being suaku (ignorant)

As with all the other lipglosses that I owe and recently hauled, I shall do a swatch and an initial review of them! 

There is a total of 4 lipglosses in mini size. Names are stated on the picture

And here they are in all their glory! When I first unboxed them, I was so darn attracted to the Ruby Red and Electric Rose because they look so similar (in shade) to the CandyDoll Juicy Cherry Lipgloss and Cotton Candy Lipgloss. 

On to the swatches:

I labelled them for easy reference. They are true to the colour in the mini vials.
I mean, usually, you buy a lipgloss and you swatch it on and it looks so diluted and pale. Nothing like the colour in the bottle. Feel scammed much?

And then here are the swatches when I smear them;

The reason why I smear the swatches is cause we usually dab and smear them over the lipstick we have on already. And as you can see, they still retain the colour as packaged. (Y)

I can forsee myself using a lot of the Ruby Red and Light Beige.
(All the lipglosses smell like Grape MoguMogu and I told boyffie!)
What's your favourite shade? 

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