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#127; Magnetix Instant Chemistry Review

I actually wanted to blog yesterday night but I was too busy with my tutorials and only managed to find time to squeeze this little review in. Today's review will be about the China Glaze Magnetix; Instant Chemistry.
I don't know if it is just me but I'm absolutely fixated on this series of nail polishes. 
It isn't just the colour but the whole novelty of using a magnet to create pretty nail art.

I gotten myself this shade of fabulous burgundy purple, Instant Chemistry. I'm so obsessed with matured shades of colour now. And the magnet that is used to "activate" the magnetic particles inside the nail polish. Unfortunately, the magnet does not come along as a set and it was the same price as the polishes themselves! However, it is an investment if you're planning on getting more shades from the China Glaze Magnetix series. In fact, the magnet, so I heard, works well with other magnetic nail polishes. 

A closer look at the magnet reveals that with it, you can create three magnetic patterns (wave, arrows, asterisk). I am pretty much excited about the asterisk pattern cause it looks so pretty! On a random side note, the magnets are pretty small.

The colour is definitely a dark rich purple. This review serves as a good excuse to do up my nails for my date with Boyffie so I am gonna apply it real nicely. 

Verdict, I am in love with this polish. The consistency of Instant Chemistry is ...speechlessly awesome. Just a coat would do and top it up with a top coat and you're good to go. This is definitely a plus point, seeing how I hate to wait for my nails to dry before applying layer after layer to build up the colour.

The magnet takes some time to work and being impatient, I keep lifting up the magnet to see if there will be patterns on my nail every few second. Note that the pattern comes out as a lighter shade of purple which isn't very contrasting but still...*drift off* 

In summary the China Glaze Magnetix, Instant Chemistry garnered a: 8.5/10

Cost: 6/10
-The price of the nail polish is reasonable considering that the quality is that of OPI. However, what made me so upset about this was the fact that the magnet costs as much as the polish and that you MUST buy the magnet else it won't work. Trust me, I tried using a fridge magnet and I tried using those ordinary magnet.

Colour: 8.5/10
-I wanted to give this colour a 9 out of 10 but figured that maybe its my personal preference. I prefer more matured shades, take for example the OPI Pepe's Purple Passion (now on my toenail). However, some people may find it abit hard to match with what they usually wear etc. I was hoping that the pattern came out more contrasting but was sadly a tad disappointed with the results. 

Creativity: 9/10
-Whoever invented these, are genius. They are fun to play with and so much more easy than the shatter nails.  And the effect is pretty darn good. It feels like magic whenever I see a pattern pop up on my nail after hovering the magnet over. Absolutely adore the asterisk one on my thumb

Consistency: 10/10
-Consistency is good. Dries pretty fast too. As stated, just a coat would do. Which is awesome for lazy people who couldn't be bothered with a second layer of polish.

Tips and tricks when applying?
-The magnet must be hovered above the nails for quite awhile (5-10s) before the pattern appears
-The magnet must be used over the nail polish before it dries on your hand *may get a bit tricky*
-One coat is enough!

The China Glaze Magnetix, Instant Chemistry can be bought at Smoochiezz and the magnet can also be bought there too. They both cost $11 each. They are currently updating their inventory system but once they are done, I will put up the link to the item specifically ^~^

*Products are bought with my own money so review is accurate*

Pepe's Purple Passion and Instant Chemistry

I'm gonna try out the Ardell Brow and Lash Growth accelerator serum and will be back next week with my mini review about them.
No pictures as of yet! ^~^

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  1. OPI is becoming very popular and I love the dark purplish color you have done on your nails.

    1. Yup! OPI is really popular now (: I wonder if they are launching or have already launch a magnetic nail polish series of their own. Anyway, thank you for the compliments ^~^


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