Saturday, 12 May 2012

#128; Review: Kimchi Kiss Pink

I was sifting through the lenses that I have opened and I found this pair of lenses which were more than 3 months old. I dispose my lenses after 3 months of usage cause it is more hygienic. So I figured, since I was gonna dispose of them, why not do a review first. 

Today's review will be on the Kimchi Kiss Pink which I had gotten some time back. 

The lenses themselves in the little casing that was provided by the seller. 
The lenses are a very subtle shade of pink that is bordering on red/hot pink. The design is very unique but as with all unique design there are bound to be replicas.
A good dupe for Kimchi Kiss Pink is the Luxury 36! So you guys can get it from the luxury brand instead of the Kimchi/ I.fairy line. ^~^

So here is me with one lens in. The enlargement is pretty big! Ignore the slightly red left eye, my eye was feeling really dry. This photo was taken in room lighting.

Again, this was taken under normal room lighting. There is a distinct star shape pattern so I wonder why they name it the kiss series. But oh well, ;_____; The colour isn't so obvious. In fact, you have to strain to see the hint in pink in it.

The lenses under bright lighting. I remembered when I first gotten this lenses, I was so proud of them cause they were my first pair of pink lenses. So I had high expectations. 

Anyway, here's my verdict on them:

Comfort: 8/10
Not the most comfortable lenses that I have worn but it is comparable to all the other lenses I own. However, after 3 months of usage, these kinda sting my eyes a little bit so I stopped wearing them until now. 
The water content is supposed to be a whooping 55% water however, I feel that maybe the lenses are a little huge (diameter: 16.2mm) so my eyes were slightly suffocated after 8 straight hours of usage.

Price: 8/10
Gotten it at $15/pair if I remembered correctly. This was from a spree and price was reasonable for i.fairy and kimchi lenses cause they can go up to $20+ a pair. However, I much prefer the luxury series or i.fairy as they seem to be much more comfortable compared to the kimchi series. I know i.fairy and kimchi are manufactured by the same company but I am just biased ;____;

Colour: 6/10
Ok, I admit I am a sucker for obvious coloured lenses so I am giving this lenses such a low rating because of this factor. I was actually having high hopes for this pair of lenses cause they were manufactured by i.fairy and I really love how i.fairy series had such obvious colours! Abit disappointed, so to say. But its a good pair of lenses for people who wants to wear coloured lenses to school ^~^ 

Enlargement: 9/10
Enlargement is good as can be seen from the first picture. However, maybe its because the design of the lenses incorporated more black than pink, so my eyes look HUGE. Good for people who wants that dolly eyed look.

Nope. I don't really like the colour of the lenses as it looks more black than pink under normal room lighting. So I wouldn't re-purchase this. However, it is a good choice of lenses if you're looking for something not too obvious~  ( *`ω´) 

Lens information
Base curve: 8.60mm
Diameter: 16.2mm
Water content: 55% water, 45% polyhema

And I found this really old picture of myself wearing these lenses. I am gonna put it in cause these are the only time they show up so brilliantly! 

Yes, I am acting cute! LOL.
That's it for now!

Amanda Misaki Sea

P.S: I realise that long wordy post, don't really garner a lot of views unless its a dramatic story of some sort so I will not rant much ^~^

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