Thursday, 17 May 2012

#130; With my lovely boyfriend

So chubby cheeks and me went out the other day to watch "Avengers". Awesome movie by the way, and definitely NOT overrated. And since we had like a few hours before the movie started, we headed to Far East to get my iPhone home button fixed. As some of you know, my iPhone button has been the cause of my misery for many months. And repair is expensive cause its $60 and I have to head all the way to Bras Basah.

Can you imagine how happy I was when I pass by a iPhone repair shop that offered $30 for the service of my home button! Although, I have to admit the guy was abit rough when handling my phone. Now I am so proud of my iPhone!

So the guy at the shop told us that repairs would take 40mins. Me and chubby cheeks proceeded to walk around Far East but couldn't find anything to buy. We went to Talisman and spend like 10mins laughing at how stupid we were in the array of spects they had to offer. Its a pity that no photography is allowed.

Then we headed to Han's for drinks. I swear he is obsessed with ice lemon tea while I was sipping my hot tea with milk and trying to act like a lady. Since I had no phone, I used my camera to take a few candid shots of him!

My cup of warm tea ^~^

Then he realised I was taking his photo and then he acted camera shy. *laugh*

This boy, is darn cute. I swear I can't stop laughing. He keep insisting that he ate the lemon seed and that there will be a lemon tree growing in his tum tum. LOL
And then chubby cheeks was like "Waaaa this place, lemon tea very nice la *suck suck*"

Ice lemon tea is his wife. LOL. 
If I ask him to choose me or give up ice lemon tea for life, I think he will abandoned me la :@

There are more photos in my camera but I only chose the one that he look good in. The rest, I ownself enjoy *snickers*

Yesterday, chubby cheeks when out with me. Although I was sick till I almost died. But we had a bonding session together. (bean and beanette, Private joke!)

Here is a present that he gave me <3 Handmade pressies are the best!

Polaroid we took.

That's all for now. Shall be back tomorrow or the day after with a circle lens review!
I fell really sick and didn't even had the strength to walk.

Amanda Misaki Sea

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