Saturday, 26 May 2012

#133; Day out with boyffie

I went out with boyffie yesterday to celebrate our third month together. I really enjoyed myself with him (:
So as usual, I had to blog! I headed out to meet him at Orchard and was late >~<
Seriously, I am ALWAYS late for dates with him but he never whines or nag or anything! Mad love (Y)

When I stopped at Orchard and stepped out of the carriage, there he was just standing there. Coincidence much? I told him to wait for me at the tap out. MUST BE FATE.
After that we walked all the way to Scape to get Polaroid films. We gotten a pack of Winnie the pooh film and a pack of hello kitty film. I saw the rilakkuma ones but they were so bloody expensive! :@ Then I was hungry and we headed to Ngee Ann City to eat at Seoul Garden! 

His' treat <3 Thanks bby! I kept frying all the chicken and cooking so much otah. And I cleared like 2 and a half plate of chicken on my own while boyffie only had a little bit of chicken and a lot of meatballs. 

And I couldn't help but take a picture of him because he looks too cute for words.
Him le frying chicken for me cause I got scalded by random flying bits of oil

Random conversation during lunch *explicit content, not for under 18*
*Le me with a pair of tongs*
Me: Eh. This tong very nice to take and kiap people's nipple leh. *starts laughing*
Boyffie: Ok. I buy one tong go your house kiap your nipples see whether you like it or not!
Me: O.O

Haha. That's the way we are. Sick, open and generally very stupid together.
Another random conversation:
Boyffie: Eh! Why my crabmeat that I steam one so big then the one you fry one so small

Then after that we headed over to Shaw and bought tickets to watch MIB3. Used my credit card to book tickets cause I was too darn lazy to queue up and booking for a $1 on top

Chubby cheeks looking like a typical ah beng here but handsome la hor?!
The show was in another 25 mins so we slack around and spam Polaroid films and pictures ^~^

The polaroid we have taken so far! There is one more photo in which I look so bloody fat and chubby cheeks thought he look even more chubbier than ever so I am not gonna post it. HEH!
Gotten the blue glittery board from paper market. Its for all my loots so now I don't have to use my glittery Spanish notebook! :D

Last photo to end this post. 
MIB3 was fun and it was nice cuddling with him in the cinema!
A random side note:
 Sometimes, he gets abit distracted and he likes to talk to himself and this rambling can get abit cute. 
So we were at the bus stop and I don't know what I say to trigger it but he suddenly keep saying "I am who sial?! I am chubby cheeks! The one and only Jovin ChubbyCheeks!" LOL.


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