Monday, 28 May 2012

#134; Together, forever?

I wanna use this post to thank a very special person in my life. Thank you my boyffie, Jovin! The past few months since I met you was the best days of my life and things look so much better now. The first three months of being with you passed so fast but I can still remember how we gotten together.

You were the first person to ask Me to be yours face to face. The guys I usually dated didn't have the courage and the balls to do it. And I know you must have felt so shy but it was really cute how you hug me from behind and ask me "will you be mine?". That moment was the happiest moment of my life. I smiled till no end. And you said you were so happy it was better than striking lottery. That made me laugh. It still does. No matter what happens and no matter how sad I am, you never failed to cheer me up. When I'm upset about school work, you were there with your silly face just to cheer me up. When I'm upset because of some problems with friends, you gotten angry on my behalf and rage at how they can do this to me. It's cute and I feel so warm and protected whenever you get angry at someone for treating me badly. Like that time we were at a bus stop and this woman bump into me just cause she wanted to sit down and you were so angry. I had to pinch your fats :x and tell you to calm down. Haha!

Sometimes, you're vain. You want your hair to be perfect and you always complain that some angle make you look damn fat! Haha it's cute! Really. But I love you. Love you for who you are. Chubby cheeks and cute fats and what not. LOL. And I find that we are perfect. We have the same hobbies. We like avengers and we love iron man! (Y) we love action films and the food that we love to eat are almost the same. And we are crazy about vampire, Lycans and zombies! That's what I love about you. Being able to talk to you day after day and never tire of talking to you, cause you're that interesting. I'm glad you can tolerate how guailan and annoying I can be sometimes. I know I probably irritated my own self but you never ever told me off or show me a black face. I know how sometimes I can get angry and accidentally rage a little at you, but I'm glad you tolerated me and my nasty temper. I'm glad you tolerated how late I can be sometimes for dates and how you can wait at the bus stop in formal wear for me to arrive. Thank you for putting up with my nonsense, my stupidness and my cuteness! LOL.

I know I influence you to kind of like cute thing (quote babyshiba!) and I know how I always make fun of you cause you're always sweating. Gosh seriously that really makes me laugh. Not cause of anything but because it's cute! SORRY :x

Thank you, for being my best friend. Thank you for letting me be able to rant at you, swear at you jokingly and for letting me have my mini tantrums. You're patient and kind to my childish ways and you're tolerant. Thank you for letting me win arguments in which I was bloody unreasonable. You're my best friend and I can confide in you, everything. Sometimes I will feel unhappy about some part of our relationship and I will just tell you straight away because I trust you that much and because you're that easy to talk to. We changed for the better through the talks that we had. I can also tell you secrets I never told anyone. Not even to my sister or closest friends. And I feel so damn comfortable with you.

Thank you for being the best lover I could have. Thank you for putting up with my temper and thank you for always been there to make me happy and smile. Cheering me up when I had a bad day and always putting in a 100% and more into this relationship of ours. Sometimes, I feel horrible whenever I see how much effort you put in. All those handmade gifts and gifts that you spent time to put together really make me feel so guilty. Did I put in enough? I hope I did because I don't want to lose you. Not to anyone else. Never.

I once told you that once you come into my life, I would never let you go and that you will always be important. And it's even more so because my world is small. I have a small circle of friends and an even smaller circle of confidante. I wish I could have met you earlier but I'm glad I met you now. I know how sometimes, I may nag like your second mother in girlfriend form. And I know how sometimes my attitude may change according to my mood and make you feel so upset. But know this, I love you and I will always love you no matter what.

Maybe sometimes you get jealous, but I'm never gonna let my heart stray. Because I have you and that's enough for me. And I hope you feel the same and will always stay by me. Now I probably sound like those small introverted grannies whose life revokes around their husband and their pet dog/cat but if that is stability and that is true love, then I don't mind being an old granny.

I love you, Jovin.

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